Goldfinger (1974) Movie Review: Girls, Guns, Gold, No Rock and Roll

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Two Beers) –

International British superspy James Bond is assigned to look into the activities of Auric Goldfinger, an eccentric millionaire who has a particular obsession with gold. In his investigation, Bond finds out that Goldfinger has a nefarious plot to disrupt the global economy while leaving him in charge of the world’s largest gold reserves.  It is up to Bond and his increasing arsenal of gadgets to save the world, and bed as many woman as is practical…

Leaving a certain glow about them, afterwards…

A Toast

The James Bond film series has rarely been more inventive, with more new and exciting gadgets, suave coolness, and swinging-60s momentum. There is a reason Goldfinger is ranked at or near the top of the list of best Bond films, and indeed best spy films ever made.  Sean Connery is at his best in a role he was born to play, oozing sexuality and confidence, while carrying a subtle sense of humor. This is most apparent during an extended golfing sequence, where the comic banter between Bond and his caddy contends with the sparring and not-so subtle threats between Mr. Goldfinger and his “caddy”.

Who will hat you to death sooooo bad!

It wouldn’t be a Bond Film without spy gadgets, and this film is full of them.  While items like onboard sat-nav for a car, tracking bugs, and plastic explosive belts might seem archaic by modern standards, they’re still fun to see introduced.  And as much as times have changed in 50 years, some gadgets never outlast their usefulness…

There is no shortage of gadgets amongst Bond’s nemeses either, as the film also features super-powered lasers, airborne chemical weapons, and most importantly the previously mentioned killer hat.

That’s alright, sometimes all you need is a bloody wristwatch to beat the enemy.

Beside Sean Connery, the film benefits from the stellar supporting performance of Gert Fröbe as the eponymous villain.  While the German actor’s voice was re-dubbed quite unfortunately by worried studio executives, his physical performance comes through with all the maniacal eccentricity Bond film audiences should expect, and more.  In Honor Blackman’s “Pussy Galore”, the Bond franchise finally found a female counterpart to Bond who could more or less hold her own in a fight.  While Dr. No and From Russia With Love both featured female characters who were meant to be tough, Honor Blackman did it with a sort of style and confidence that put her on near-equal footing with Bond…

Beer Two

I say “Near” because this was the 1960s after all.  It is all the more unfortunate then that Bond wins her over to his side in a sequence that by modern standards is pretty much straight-up rape.  This isn’t the only instance of solid-gold sexism in the film, as the early line Connery utters about “Man-talk”, followed by a loud ass-slap to shoo a girl away from a conversation sets the tone quite harshly early on. Given the time period the film was made, filmgoers should expect to see these elements, even if they are never really forgivable.  Of course, if you want a movie about a gold-obsessed madman without these elements, you could always look to Santo Gold…

You can, for sure… but I’ll take my chances with Goldfinger any day.


Goldfinger is a true relic of the time it was made, but a splendidly watchable one, if only as a priceless artifact of times past.


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