Fire with Fire (2012)

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A heroic and horny fireman decides to pop into his local gas station for ‘snacks’ when it all goes wrong( it has to or it would be a different movie!). He witnesses a double murder and decides that he will testify against a man who has killed many people which we all get to see in the rather original credits at the beginning of the movie.


Original movies are hard to come by.

A Toast

This film features a couple of stars; the edible Josh Duhamel, the sumptuous Rosario Dawson, and the legendary Bruce Willis, who in this film actually acts!!! That itself is worth watching this movie for. The plot is predictable and the ending takes a while coming, but it’s an enjoyable twist on a tale that has been told many times. You just don’t get an original bad guy, unless you are watching cartoons.

I watched this on Now TV (movies on demand you pay a subscription for) and I was surprised that it slipped through the theater net.  There is so much rubbish out at the cinema, but this never came out in the UK, a shame really. I have paid money to see some terrible movies.


Some films look so shiny, but are in fact worse than cinema popcorn!

Beer Two

The use of bad guys/henchmen… these actors were a who’s who of bad guys: 50 cent, Vinnie Jones, Julian McMahon, and Vincent D’Onofrio. In fact I was halfway through this movie and thought this cast of villains would be a great Expendables 3 ensemble cast against the likes of Sly and Arnie! All they need is a couple more British guys and it would be movie gold.  No idea how they all got cast together, but it was unnecessary in a film that didn’t really get any recognition from anyone.


Tom Hardy must have been busy; he would have broken a few bones for fun!

Beer Three

The love story.  It’s not needed and quite frankly their chemistry was missing. Don’t get me wrong, if I was in witness protection I would without a doubt do everything in my womanly power to seduce the lovely Josh. That’s where it should have ended, a quicky when under stress. A firefighter and a USMarshall; this is a relationship built in a script, but not in real life.


Josh was a fire fighter in this movie and not ONCE was he topless. UNACCEPTABLE!!!!



I enjoyed the movie; it wasn’t the best, it wasn’t the worst. However, the actors turned up to work and they did their job, some better than others (Vinnie Jones knows that he isn’t great). It was lovely to see Bruce Willis acting and not trying to be the ego that has made him millions. It was also nice to see Kevin Dunn and Josh Duhamel together again; I did think that a Transformer was going to pop up! But my favourite and most surprise appearance was Julian McMahon.  He is one underrated actor.


He looks like he would hurt kittens!!! Why is he not more famous?

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: when you see Bruce.  He isn’t in it that much, but it’s Bruce!

Take a Drink: when Jeremy kills someone.  A firefighter at the beginning, a murderer by the end!!

Take a Drink: when Vinnie Jones says something, anything, it doesn’t matter.  He still sounds dumb!

Do a Shot: when you see Jeremy in his firefighting outfit.

Do a Shot: every time someone gets shot.

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