The Finest Hours (2016) Movie Review: Not the Finest, but Far from the Worst this Weekend

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time foreshadowing takes place.

Take a Drink: every time the Coast Guards boat goes underwater and don’t stop drinking til it resurfaces.

Do a Shot: every time someone calls Miriam the bear coat lady.

Finish your Drink: for the heroes in all of our military branches.

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Movie Review

During one cold and stormy night in 1952 two oil tankers are ripped in half by the high seas. A crew from the Coast Guard was sent out for the first tanker that was split, but only hours later the Coast Guard receives a radio transmission of another tanker that has split with no one able to go and  save them. Daniel Cluff (Eric Bana) decides to send out Bernie Webber (Chris Pine) and a crew of three more willing to join him. With the odds stacked against them and Bernie’s fiancé Miriam (Holliday Grainger) giving Cluff hell for sending Bernie and his men out there, the Coast Guard must attempt to make the largest and toughest rescue in their history.

A Toast


I wasn’t sure what to expect when I sat down to watch this film. With Disney taking the helm on a disaster film I thought it wouldn’t be very good because they would try to make it too family friendly. Well, it worked well as a family film; it could’ve been better, but it’s definitely a film the whole family can enjoy. Plus, it’s a good film to have your kids watch as they can look up to some worthwhile characters (who are true American heroes).

The film boasts an excellent cast. Every scene has an actor in it that is recognizable. Sometimes that works against the film- usually with poorly written films. This big cast, however, helps this film. Casey Affleck gives a great performance as the poor man who takes control of the crew of the sinking ship because its captain went down with the bow part when the tanker split. I only wish Ben Foster could’ve been utilized more, but he still does a great job with his scenes.

Two Beers


At times the CGI was a little much. Sometimes you can use CGI to good effect and there were times when this film needed it, but there were many times when it didn’t. There were scenes where it was just people talking and it looked like a video game. It reminded me of watching 300 or Sin City, only this wasn’t an action movie using it to flex its muscles.

Three Beers


The foreshadowing was too much. You knew what was going to happen to every characters a few minutes before it happened; and I mean every character. The writers could’ve left a little bit of a surprise. I mean, I know it’s based on a true story, but the audience doesn’t know every detail.



It’s not the best disaster movie and I feel like if Disney wasn’t a part of it and it wasn’t family-friendly it could’ve been better. The film would’ve been able to be darker and more realistic.  However, it’s not the worst movie you could see this weekend (I’m looking at you Fifty Shades of Black).


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