Eden (2015) Movie Review: In the Garden of Garage Music

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Take a Drink: every time a bouncer doesn’t recognize Thomas and Guy-Man (Daft Punk).

Take a Drink: every time someone doesn’t understand garage music.

Take a Drink: whenever you realize you’re moving your foot to a song.

Do a Shot: every time someone does drugs.

Finish your Drink: when you realize sometime in you life people will forget about you.

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By: Movie Snurb (Two Beers) –

Eden is a near 20-year mini epic revolving around Paul and his friends. Paul forms the duo Cheers and his two friends Thomas and Guy-Man form the duo Daft Punk. These four men help create and popularize French Touch- it’s a form of New York Garage, think modern Disco. We follow Paul as he rises and falls in the Garage scene. The film was penned by Mia Hansen-Love and her brother (who the film’s story is based on) Sven Hansen-Love, and the film’s real and personal feel is enhanced because it’s such a person story for Sven.

A Toast


First off, the acting is great. Even though the film is French and is set in France for 90% of the film, Greta Gerwig makes an appearance as Paul’s love interest while she was studying abroad. Even though she has limited screen time she does very well as always. The real winners are Felix de Givry as Paul and Pauline Etienne as Louise, Paul’s other love interest. They have marvelous chemistry and play their parts pristinely. Felix’s turn as Paul was fantastic; while watching the film you’d forget that he was playing a character and not part of a documentary.

This is a testament to not only the acting but also the whole feel of the film. Since this is an account of Sven’s life as a DJ there is a very personal and real feel to the film as I said earlier. During the scenes when we are in the clubs and parties it is very disorienting. There are strobe lights galore with loud thumping music. It is hard to tell who is who and what is what, but that’s what made it great. I’ve never personally been to a rave, but I’d imagine that’s exactly how it is: loud, low visibility, and disorienting.


Unlike We Are Your Friends, which I did really enjoy, I felt this film had a very clear message. If you don’t adapt to this world it’ll leave you high and dry and eventually no one will care about you. While Paul’s friends Thomas and Guy-Man (Daft Punk) evolved their music to stay current and relevant, Paul and Cheers keep going on with their Garage music without ever changing or evolving. Now, I love Garage House music and modern Disco, but you can’t expect to never evolve musically and expect to still matter to the world. Every musical style will have a following, but some will be bigger than others. The end of the film shows Paul realizing that Garage music is dead and he goes back to school to move on with his life. It’s a sad end but a very real and thought-provoking message.

Finally, the music is awesome! I’d expect this with any film about music, but you never know; people are capable of making very awful films and there is a lot of terrible music out there. Of course if you don’t like this style of music you won’t care for the music, but the music just enhances the film. After finishing the film I immediately downloaded the 40-song album; just the cherry on top of this great film.


It’s Robot Electro! Why don’t you understand?!

Beer Two

The main issue I had with the film was the timeline. It goes through about 20 years so some details may be forgotten or muddled up. There’s a time where Louise leaves Paul because she thinks he’s not over Greta’s character. Then without any hints at her life or anything they meet up years later and she’s married and has two kids. Now, it’s understandable that she would move on and meet someone, but to me there wasn’t enough time to have gone by for her to have moved on and had two kids. I realize this is a minor issue, but it bugged me.


It’s Thomas and Guy-Man. Don’t you recognize them?


Though the timeline did bug me, it’s not enough to take away from this film. It’s a very real and touching film that is a joy to watch. From the great music to the rave feel to the personal touches, Eden will first sweep you in visually and audibly but in the end it will grab onto your heart.


Please don’t forget about me.


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