Eddie The Eagle: The Other Olympic Underdog Story

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By: Kyle Daley (Two Beers) –

Eddie Eagle is based on the true story of Olympic downhill ski jumper and underdog Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards (Taron Egerton).  He’s a man who had a life long dream of becoming an Olympic athlete, but nobody believed he could do anything when it comes to sports until he finds out that England does not have a downhill jumper.  Then everyone REALLY thinks he won’t be able to do anything.  However, this does not stop him as he does nothing but try to compete in the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Wait a second. An underdog story, taking place during the 1988 Winter Olympics?  A heartfelt tale with just the right amount of humor and heart? Where have I heard this story before?

...Seriously? Well Miricle was just the Mighty Ducks so let's just get on with this.
…Seriously? Well Miracle was just basically The Mighty Ducks so let’s just get on with this.

At any rate, Eddie travels all over Europe to train and attempt to qualify for the Games.  Along the way he meets Bronson Peary (Hugh Jackman), the former downhill jumping Olympian alcoholic who reluctantly becomes Eddie’s coach.  As time goes on the two develop a genuine friendship as they attempt to prove that a no name athlete can come out of nowhere and shock the world over by getting a chance to compete!  That’s right!  Eddie competes like all hell!  Now on with the review!

A Toast

An absolutely genuine movie.  A well scripted, acted and directed, and produced film.  That’s really all I have to say about it.

I know, you’re rolling your eyes at me.  You’re wondering, “Kyle, why can’t you tell us how Taron Egerton and Hugh Jackman have amazing chemistry as the underdog you root for and his reluctant coach?”

“Shouldn’t you be mentioning how the script was witty and heartwarming, allowing the viewer to be involved by caring about all the characters and becoming invested in them?”

“Can’t you accept the fact Jackman can play a role other than Wolverine because he’s truly a talented actor especially when he’s working with a well-written movie that’s also directed very well by Dexter Fletcher?”

Yes I can now let me explain
Yes I can! Now let me explain!

Beer Tw0

Despite this being a very enjoyable movie, it’s your basic underdog movie.  It plays things by the numbers, but still keeps things interesting as I’ve stated.  However, it’s a bio-pic.  Therefore, if you already know what happens with Eddie- you know how the movie ends.


Despite the movie’s formulaic approach, it is very enjoyable.  It’s funny, charming, and has a very well put together narrative.  It’s a true movie for everyone to enjoy.

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