Easy Money III: Life Deluxe (2014)

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Take a Drink: for backstory

Take a Drink: for police stupidity

Take a Drink: for betrayals and power shifts

Do a Shot: for massive time jumps

Do a Shot: whenever Jorge once again is able to narrowly survive

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

The Easy Money (or Snabba Cash, if you dig the cooler original title) films may be the most successful crime thriller franchise most Americans don’t know about, even though it gave us our new Robocop.


C’mon guys, ya’ll love new Robocop, dontcha?

The third, and final installment of the franchise sees JW (Joel Kinnaman) dragged back into the game when his sister goes missing, and turns out to have been sleeping with an old foe, Radovan (Dejan Cukic).  Meanwhile, the ridiculously resilient Jorge (Matias Varela) is planning the biggest heist in Swedish history.  When he runs into the girl he saves in the last movie, his priorities begin to change.  Oof, okay, one more plot- a young policeman, Martin (Martin Wallstrom) infiltrates Radovan’s cartel, but begins to fall for his resourceful daughter Natalie (Malin Buska).

A Toast

My main attraction to this series has been its proving ground status for up-and-coming talent.  Kinnaman, of course, has seized his Hollywood opportunity, and original director Daniel Espinosa already has one 100 million dollar grosser (Safe House) under his belt and successor Babak Najafi is already finding work on TV series like Banshee.


This is a thing that I now feel compelled to watch.

Like those two, Director Jens Jonsson shows the commercial skills with just a touch of arthouse flair that will have Hollywood knocking on his door in short order.  He drops the more hand-held aesthetic of the first two films for artfully composed wide shots.  He also states a few standout action sequences like the robbery scene, which unravels during one continuous shot.

Beer Two

The story’s never been the strong suit of he film, although the first two at least delivered some interesting commentary on class and immigration.  Here the cliches take over, and the result is a revenge/crime thriller like dozens of others you’ve seen before.


First commenter to name this movie gets a prize.

Beer Three

There’s also a curious overexposition of character details that could have been communicated with more subtle strokes, and underexposition of plot machinations, where twists seem to happen just ’cause.

Beer Four

If you’re a Joel Kinnaman fan, sorry, he’s only in the film for less than ten minutes, yet somehow drives one of the biggest twists, which is both revealed and concluded via exposition dump.  It’s a shockingly offhand way to deal with ostensibly the series’s main character, and it makes me wonder if the undercover cops arc originally was supposed to be Kinnaman’s.  Shit, Wallstrom even has the blandly blonde good looks of a Kinnaman stand-in.  What if the film was all about Kinnaman’s infiltration of and revenge on the cartel, waylaid by his romance with Natalie, and dealt with in the same surprising manner… damn, that might actually be memorable.


Easy Money 3 is a fairly disappointing conclusion to an ultimately mediocre series, but like its predecessors, shows enough flashes of talent to be worth a watch.


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