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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (A Toast) –

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) and his best friend Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) are a couple of down on their luck morons who live together in a small Providence, Rhode Island apartment.  Lloyd drives a limo for a livery company in town, and discovers that his most recent passenger (who he fell in love with on sight) left a suitcase at the airport.  Failing to reach her in time for the plane’s departure (and getting fired in the process), Lloyd convinces Harry to accompany him on a road trip to deliver the case to the girl’s home in Aspen, Colorado. The suitcase was left there for a reason though, and Harry & Lloyd are soon targeted by an organized crime ring, who are convinced that the pair are professionals hired to get in their way.

They’re very committed… or at least they should be.

A Toast

In 1994 Jim Carrey was riding a wave of audience excitement, having appeared in the hit comedies Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask. In a rare stroke of scheduling luck Dumb and Dumber was released the same year, assuring Carrey’s place in comedy history.  Making the streak even more notable is that Carrey managed to make Dumb and Dumber without showing any signs of creative strain. Director/Writers Peter and Bobby Farrelly’s first film was the start of a long-running collaboration which would burn brightly throughout the rest of 1990s.

With Dumb and Dumber, the Farrelly Brothers writing team nailed a perfect balance of clever and absurd humor, emphasizing the stupidity of its characters without talking down to viewers.  Jeff Daniels and Jim Carrey have wonderful onscreen chemistry, playing off each other’s strengths like a classic vaudevillian comedy duo.  Like the Laurel & Hardys, or Abbott & Costellos of old; Lloyd and Harry traverse the world in search of success, and fail hilariously.

Swagger, like...
Swagger, like…
Mick Jagger...
Mick Jagger…

The mix is perfect; Lloyd is a manic, borderline personality nutcase, and Harry is more grounded in reality; albeit in a bumbling, ill-informed sort of way.

Knowing they were dealing with a relatively simple road-trip movie, the Farrelly Brothers keep the presentation simple, allowing their performers to take full advantage of improvisational moments.  Later Farrelly efforts would become mired in an overabundance of story and concepts, but at this point the focus remains firmly on the comedy, which pays off in every conceivable way.

Dumb and Dumber also exists as a sort of 90s time capsule; featuring a soundtrack of bands whose time in the sun might have come and gone; but have left an indelible impression on music history.  The soundtrack includes bands such as the Crash Test Dummies, the Butthole Surfers, Green Jelly, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, and of course Apache Indian.

The 90s were not complete without Apache Indian


Dumb and Dumber is an artillery barrage of comedic grapeshot fired directly at the audience.


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