Doomsdays (2015) Movie Review: Why Not Celebrate the Post-Apocalypse Today?

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

Have you seen the advertisements for Last Man on Earth?  Or seen the show itself- I haven’t but I feel like I should.  Anyway, how awesome is that guy’s life?

I wouldn’t give entropy half a chance.

Doomsdays is like Last Man on Earth, but its characters are jumping the gun a bit.  Justin Rice and Leo Fitzpatrick are living it up breaking into vacation homes in the Catskills and making themselves, well, at home, plus a tad of wanton destruction.  Their partnership is thrown out of whack when they pick up a couple of acolytes in anarchy.

A Toast

Hey, it’s Johnny Weeks from The Wire.  Glad to see he’s up to the same tricks.  And is that off-brand Jason Schwartzman?



At first glance, this is a drunken slacker comedy with a pretentious, Wes Anderson-y sheen, which is A-OK in my book, but the strength of Doomsdays is how it grows past that.  Fitzpatrick and Rice do a great job deepening their characters and giving clues as to why they’re wrapped up in this uniquely criminal lifestyle, and when Brian Charles Johnson and particularly Laura Campbell are added to the group, their chemistry makes you both root for this makeshift family and see its doom written on the wall.  Surprise!  Selflessness is not their strong point.

Director Eddie Mullins creates a lot of humor from framing and editing in a way very reminiscent of Anderson, with a current of awkward bizarrity Napoleon Dynamite could get on board with.  He also has a deft touch with silence and showing, not telling- this guy’s gonna be one to watch.

Beer Two

The dialogue can be a bit too clever and… writerly?  Basically, if you think Wes Anderson’s dialogue can be overcute and pretentious, then you’re going to hate Dirty Fred (Rice).


He does look like he’d talk like that…

Beer Three

The big issue is how the film gives these characters a pass on their honestly despicable behavior.  It’s hard not to like them, which is a bit of a problem, especially when they go so far as to toss the body of a homeowner who hung himself into his garage and leave him there to fester.


Doomsdays is a dark, quirky comedy that largely succeeds at what it’s shooting for.


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