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By: Nick Polly (Six Pack) –

I was never too excited about teenager films. But I thought, maybe this one will change my perspective, cure my pessimism and show me the adequate side of this part of Hollywood…

The movie tells us the story of a futuristic dystopia where the world is divided in five factions, which represent the five virtues. Teenagers are free to choose whether they want to stay in the faction they were born in or switch it. Tris (the main character) surpasses the test of personality and discovers that she’s a Divergent – a person that can technically be a part of any of the five factions, and such people are not welcomed by the society. Concealing this, Tris chooses to be a part of the Dauntless, the warriors of this world, and has to go through physical and psychological challenges before discovering that the world she’s living in is in danger of a new conflict.

A Toast

Again, I’m not a big fan of teenager oriented films. With that being said, I really tried to go lightly on this film, considering the person who recommended to watch it said it was nothing like Twilight or Hunger Games. Unfortunately, the only time I was excited about something in this film was when I saw the final titles. Let’s get deeper into the reasons of that, shall we?

Beer Two

Right after first five minutes of the film I already had more questions than a Who Wants To Be A Millionaire host. Okay, so apparently there was a war, after which only Chicago survived and people built a wall around it and divided the society into factions. Who was the war against? Why is there a wall now and who is it protecting the people from? Why is there a division into factions? I thought my questions would be answered in next 30-40 minutes, or at least by the end of the film. Silly me.

Beer Three

Alright, so let’s throw away the fact that we still don’t get an explanation of the fact that in post-war world of this universe, the best thing people could come up with was to create a bureaucratic factions division.


Apparently, to avoid the mistakes of the past people decided to create factions, but the teenagers can actually disregard the results of the personality test they’re supposed to pass and choose the whatever faction they want? Why do you even need those factions then? They have limits, but at the same time they’re kinda free to do whatever they want. A totalitarian society with democratic foundations. George Orwell is probably turning over in his grave as I write down these very words.

Beer Four

Why are Divergents feared so much? Sure, the test showed that Tris can be a part of any of those five factions. Basically, just like any other normal person, who can combine different character traits within themselves – except the ones in the universe of this book/film, since it is such an accurate allegory for the worldview of teenagers with their maximalism and illusion that no one understands their “complexity”. No shades of grey, only black and white huh? Moving on.


Still a better love story than Twi… my bad, it’s not. It’s not better.

Beer Five

You should be at least getting tipsy and not bothered by the inadequate dialogue and plot twists this film has to offer. Well, it has plenty more of that. After her test, Tris chooses to become a part of Dauntless fraction, where she discovers that she has to go through psychological and physical training. She also learns that people who are in the last places of the list for this training are going to become outlaws and will be banned from the community. This is purely illogical; why would the system breed people who are angry at it and can rebel at anytime? Is this another brilliant move to “avoid mistakes of the past”?


John McClain’s son moving up in this world, leading a warrior faction in a post-war futuristic city and stuff.

Beer Six

This one will be short but sweet. Tris sucks at anything she tries to do in training, but you know what kind of a turning point makes her stronger and more enduring? She gets a tattoo. She gets a freaking tattoo and it turns her from Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde, she kicks ass and ain’t afraid of anything anymore. How unctuously teenager is that?


I could go on and on about this film, but hopefully by now dear reader you already figured out the deal with this film. The rules made up in it and its universe constantly change and not even the main or side characters are bothered to follow them. No consistency is provided whatsoever. They used to justify a bad plot in kids’ movies by saying that kids won’t look into details much, “it’s just a children’s film”. Now they’re covering up teenager films in the same way. In ten years will we see the same for the rest of films? Hopefully not.

Six Pack

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  1. Hmmm…the original review was super clever and though the movie wasn’t great it was nothing close to Twilight awful.

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