Disco Godfather (1979) Movie Review: PUT YOUR WEIGHT ON IT!

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

Tucker Williams (Rudy Ray Moore) is the ex-cop owner and star of the Blueberry Hill Disco, an exclusive dance club in the city.  Williams performs under the name “Disco Godfather” and has hundreds of adoring patrons who come to see him dance.

and dress faaaaaaaab-ulously!

One night, Tucker’s nephew takes PCP and gets whacked out of his head.  From this point forward, Tucker goes on a vengeance mission to rid the city of the demon Angel Dust, and kick the asses of those responsible.

A Toast

Disco Godfather is a film with an anti-drug message that is handled with all the caring and accuracy of Reefer Madness, but with a Blaxploitation attitude and funky soundtrack that sets unforgettably within the disco era. As a piece of schlock cinema, few films are as infinitely watchable.  There are a lot of crazy acting and filmmaking decisions in this movie; it is often hard to believe the filmmakers wanted this to be taken seriously, but with some of the dark turns the story makes, it’s hard to tell what anyone was thinking.

Beer Two

Rudy Ray Moore is an actor for the ages, able to deliver dialogue like no other human being on earth.  The word “stilted” isn’t sufficient to describe his line readings; it is as if Moore is wholly incapable of understanding how humans speak.  This isn’t even a criticism of the movie, in fact, it’s downright endearing.  Moore’s idea of dramatic performance is to shout incoherently.

Beer Three

The extended disco scenes go on for interminably long periods, clearly to pad out the time.  The film could easily shed 20 minutes of run time from dance sequences, except that you’d miss out on Rudy Ray Moore’s ridiculous free-association rhyming. Moore was called the “Godfather of Rap” owing to his poetic humor monologues. You just don’t want to miss any opportunity to hear him rhyme.  Though I might suggest his albums, if you’re wanting something truly special:

Beer Four

The accuracy of the film’s depictions of an Angel Dust overdose is questionable at best.  Films which go out of their way to depict drugs so ridiculously have the unfortunate side effect of convincing youth that they’re being lied to about drugs, which may even result in them trying dangerous drugs without a realistic understanding of the actual dangers. These scare-tactics never work, and often do the opposite of what they are proposing to prevent.

Beer Five

The film features fight choreography which rivals that of Enter the Dragon.  I can’t put it into words how “highly realistic” the fighting feels, so instead I’ll just post this here…


Beer Six

Near the end of the movie, Rudy Ray Moore is captured and force-fed Angel Dust, and the entire rest of the movie is an extended drug freakout, and then the movie just… ends. No resolution, it just ends in the most depressing way possible.  And then the peppy disco theme song plays over the credits.


This is a truly baffling movie, not just because it is terrible, but because it is terribly easy to waste 100 minutes of your life watching.  Disco Godfather is the epitome of late 70s disco movies, don’t watch none of that Saturday Night Fever hoo-hah.

Six Pack

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