Disaster Movie (2008) Movie Review: A New Low (For All of Us)

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Yes, all of them.

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Six Pack) –

As my buddy Alex says (yes, I subjected another human to this grueling ordeal… because I am not a good person), for some movies, you had really better be a six pack in already before you even start the movie.


This is one of those movies.

Disaster Movie is about… fuck it.  Fuck it so much.

A Toast


Well, Ike Barinholtz went on to have a career after this… somehow.  On another note, the Alvin and the Chipmunks sequence is a study in pure, unbridled terror not experienced in filmic form since the opening weekend of The Exorcist.


They set out to make a lazy comedy, but they opened the doors for something… else

Beer Two

Watching this movie is like opening a time capsule from 2008, and discovering all they put inside it was raw chicken.  I swear Archaeologists are going to take one look at the evidence of our culture and immediately bury that shit back.


“Omnipresent fertility goddess… can’t we just study the goddamn Romans some more?”

Beer Three

Referential comedy is not comedy.  No, it’s not the lowest form of comedy, or the anti-comedy.  It just isn’t fucking comedy.  Essentially no other form of “comedy” is even attempted in this film, quadrupling down on the worst of Friedberg and Seltzer’s evil habits.  They even made me hate Juno somehow.


I weep.

Beer Four

I lied.  The rest of the “comedy” involves uncomfortably long “reaction shots” or massive overreactions to non-punchlines.  Anyone unfortunate enough to allow a tortured laugh to escape their drooling maws at even a single one of these better stay indoors lest they become the poster child for a surprisingly robust Eugenics movement.

Beer Five

Gay panic, that old plum!



Beer Six

Watching this is like staring deeply into the Abyss.  It’s Faces of Death… for Culture.


Somehow the nadir of Friedberg and Seltzer’s rancid resume, to the extent that’s definable, the fact that this made $34.8 million is the perfect demonstration of the banality of evil.

Six Pack

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