The Departed (2006)

Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time someone says “rat”

Take a Drink: every time you see one

Take a Drink: every time someone dies

Take a Drink: for racial slurs

If you’d like to die (please don’t die), do as shot every time someone drops the F bomb (water… do a shot of water).

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By: Movie Snurb (A Toast) –

Think about some of the greatest organized crime films of all-time. Now think about some of the greatest cop films of all time. Now put those together and you’ll get The Departed.

It’s a great cat and mouse game where Jack Nicholson plays Francis Costello, who runs the Irish Mob in Boston. He puts Matt Damon (his protegee) through the state police academy to have a rat on the force.

At the same time Leonardo DiCaprio plays a man too smart for the police and is recruited, after the state police academy, to go under cover and infiltrate Costello’s organization. The movie goes back and forth between DiCaprio and Damon’s lives, and the ending is one great payoff.


A Toast

Everything from the directing to the acting to the writing is superb. Martin Scorsese really out did himself in this film. The entire feel of the film is something reminiscent of Goodfellas.

Personally I think he should have won his first Oscar for Goodfellas, but The Departed was a well-deserved win.  The writing is fantastic and if you don’t pay attention for one minute you’ll miss something important. The film moves like rapids along a river. You should not watch this one with your kids and maybe not your parents. Unless you have a relationship like my parents and I (we watched Boogie Nights together). There are some graphic scenes and a lot of cussing.

Not only is it a great serious drama, but its comedic shots are just as enjoyable. Alec Baldwin and Mark Wahlberg are completely hilarious with their respective characters. Wahlberg is a dick, but in a very funny way, and it was not hard to see why he was nominated for an Oscar.

When you talk about the acting in the film, anyone could have been nominated for an Oscar, and the only downside is Martin Sheen’s Bostonian accent, which isn’t so awful it ruins the movie, but he could’ve used a voice coach.

Everyone else is top notch. However, the two actors that come out on top in the film are Leonardo DiCaprio and Matt Damon because: 1) I’ve never felt so much for a character as I did for DiCaprio’s. and 2) I’ve never hated a character so much in any film as I did for Damon’s.



Definitely a must-see film. If you’re a film buff or just a casual film-goer, I believe this film has something for everyone.  I hope you go sit back and enjoy this film with a beer (not a cranberry juice).


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