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By: Christopher Young (A Toast) –

It was the late 80’s and rock or pop ruled the local air waves. I remember hearing the same New Kids On The Block or Poison over and over, but I yearned for something more. That was when a friend passed me a beat up cassette titled And Justice For All. At that point I was aware of Metallica and enjoyed some earlier tunes like Creeping Death or Seek and Destroy, but the band never really stuck with me. I tossed the tape into my kick ass boom box and watched my whole world change with a song called One.

Deathgasm is a movie for metal fans and horror hounds alike. The story follows Brodie (Milo Cawthorne) as he moves in with a reluctant uncle and tries to adjust to life while being an outcast metal head. Brodie hooks up with local bad boy Zakk (James Blake) to form the band Deathgasm and destroy the metal airwaves. Upon finding an ancient hymn the boys decide it needs to be used in one of their songs. As the hymn is played an ancient evil comes to life hoping to eviscerate mankind.

A Toast

The feature opens with a wicked metal theme and cool animation detailing all things metal: you get some upside down crosses, devil horns, and hot chicks worshiping guitar wielding gods atop flaming mountains. Anyone familiar with metal imagery will instantly enjoy the nonstop onslaught of all things heavy.

So metal, so bro!!
So metal, so bro!!

The cast of unknown actors and actresses do an excellent job of selling themselves to viewers. Milo and James are the shining stars as believable metal heads who will do anything to revolt against what stands in their way. Kimberly Crossman as Medina does an excellent job playing the love interest that could come between our excellent metal bros. We also see a few other nerdy cast members (Sam Berkley as Dion and Daniel Cresswell as Giles) who help to round out the cast and bring some serious laughs along the way.

There are three main components at play in this film. We have horror/gore, comedy, and the love of a certain musical genre. Too many movies fail at marrying things like this and either fall into comedy or horror. Deathgasm balances things almost perfectly.

Someone call for a hot blond sporting an axe?
Someone call for a hot blond sporting an axe?

Let’s take a moment to touch on the massive amount of gore and dildos. There is not a punch avoided in this flick and I enjoyed every single blood drenched hit. If you’re not for copious amounts of gore and questionable content or dialog, this movie won’t do much for you. Every decapitation, axe chop, and dismemberment is done through practical effects, which I highly prefer over CGI. Also, if sex toys are your thing this film will speak directly to your soul while giving you some ideas for alternative use.

This ice cream tastes so metal!
This ice cream tastes so metal!


Deathgasm came out of left field spraying blood and guts, and all I could do was smile. The flick is receiving tons of praise from festivals and critics alike. This movie is a 2015 must see for anyone who calls themselves a gore or horror fan. The movie comes out October 2nd; make plans to see it.


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