Daredevil (2003) Movie Review: This Didn’t Seem Like a Good Idea Then, Either…

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

Matt Murdock (Ben Affleck) is a defense attorney by day and a crime-fighter by night. Blinded by a childhood toxic-waste accident, Murdock was also granted  super-powered hearing and touch.  He is known in the newspapers as “Daredevil”.

Lucky for him, this was “hero power-granting” toxic waste, and not the “horrible scarring and disfiguring” kind.

A Toast

To their credit, this movie is (mostly) quite well cast. Ben Affleck makes an amiable hero, and when the script gives him the opportunity, a sympathetic one.  Colin Farrell is amusing as “Bullseye”, a villain who has the power to turn just about any throwable object into a deadly weapon.  Bullseye is played with a sense of humor and amusement that can be infectious.  Michael Clarke Duncan is underutilized as “Kingpin”, but when he is on screen, it is hard to not appreciate the scenery chewing.

Beer Two

Less well cast is Daredevil’s romantic interest, super-heroine “Electra”.  Jennifer Garner is not the most convincing martial artist, as the few action shots of her not using a stunt double are cut together with an awkwardness that brings back memories of Beverly Hills Ninja.

Nobody wants to be reminded of this movie.  Nobody.

Beer Three

And speaking of unconvincing fights; it seems that the filmmakers went out of their way to cut around the action as much as possible in a lazy effort to hide the weak fight choreography.  It is understandable that Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell, and Michael Clarke Duncan can’t be expected to be martial arts masters.  But would it have killed the filmmakers to stage the fights convincingly?

Apparently, yes; it would have killed them.

Beer Four

The film gets off to a rather promising start, with a brief origin-story section that is quite emotionally charged and well told.  Sadly, as soon as the main storyline takes off, it is clear the filmmakers are trying to fit far too many elements into a single story. The only thing you learn about the Kingpin is that he is a businessman who for some reason wants to run Hell’s Kitchen in New York City.  All character arcs are scratched out with the broadest of strokes, which leaves any remaining humanity in the script feeling dead on arrival.

Beer Five AND Beer Six

Ordinarily I wouldn’t combine my beer ratings for a movie, but Daredevil‘s soundtrack is a laundry-list of the worst that late 90s-early-2000s Nu-Metal and pop-rock had to offer. The movie features songs from Evanescence, Hoobastank, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, and so many others.

Yes, even Nickelback…

This was a dark time in the music industry, a legacy that is forever tarnished (Staind?).  Films like Daredevil exist as solemn reminders that nostalgia for the past is not always warranted.


Skip this, watch the Netflix series. You’ll thank me later.

Six Pack

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