Cyber-Seniors (2014)

cyber-seniors-posterBy: Henry J. Fromage (Three Beers) –

I got a promo email for Cyber-Seniors recently, and I have to admit it touched my heart a little.


It also grew a few sizes, but that’s thanks to my beloved saturated fats.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve recently had to tutor my own Grandma on how to use the internet on her little notebook computer, but the idea of a group of young whippersnappers teaching their elders how to enter the Information Age seems like a worthy cause to me. This documentary is about a group who does just that, and who finds out that some seniors take to things even quicker than they could imagine, culminating in a viral video contest for the ages.

pelican i see what you did there

A Toast

This film is short and very sweet. Both of those qualities are important, because without them this topic would get boring fast. However, Cyber-Seniors does a great job of helping the audience engage with its go-getters, both young and old, and the relationship between them. The editing never lets a scene linger too long while still giving everyone their stage, and helps the film move along at a nice clip that never overstays its welcome.

Like this every could.

The Youtube videos are gently amusing, but the real joy here is seeing the generational gap bridged, and the vivaciousness and general gameness of the seniors. The personal touch of the filmmaker, Saffron Cassady’s, family travails seems off topic at first, but provides a deeply emotional highpoint by the end.

Beer Two

Sometimes the film communicates the frustrations of teaching seniors a little too well. I eventually started having Nam-style flashbacks of my fourth or fifth email explanation to my own Grandma.

Beer Three

It’s understandable considering their ubiquity, but sometimes this comes off as a feature-length Facebook and Youtube ad (which would be impossible together, of course). If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we don’t need more grandparents on Facebook.


My worst nightmare.



This movie makes you want to call Grandma and Grandpa. Or even better, Skype them. Let’s hold off on Facebook for now, though.

Also, if you’d like to support a related worthy cause, check out AARP’s Mentor Up program.


Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every belabored explanation

Take a Drink: for every endearingly phrased computer question

Take a Drink: whenever a senior has a “Hallelujah Moment”

Take a Drink: for each new Youtube video

Do a Shot: wait, that wasn’t innuendo, was it?

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