Curse of Chucky (2013)

Curse of Chucky (2013) DVD

By: Christopher Young (Three Beers)-

Curse of Chucky is set 4 years after the previous film, Seed of Chucky. We have the wheelchair-bound Nica (Fiona Dourif) and her mother Sarah living in a gothic, somewhat rundown mansion. A mysterious Good Guys doll arrives at the home followed by Sarah’s death from a self-inflicted stab wound. This unfortunate death brings Nica’s older sister and other family members in her time of mourning.

A Toast

I was more than pleased to see Don Mancini not only writing but directing and producing this installment. Having David Kirschner back in a producer’s role also helped to cement what I liked about this movie. Child’s Play fans will be quite please to know the aforementioned duo chose a return to form with Curse of Chucky. The cinematography combined with a solid score really helped the overall feel of this movie.

The team here really made an honest effort to tie up the story a little bit. You will see flashbacks and references to Child’s Play that really help to flesh things out across the Chucky universe. There are some cameos with the last one being the best, series fans will squeal with joy. If the last cameo didn’t do it for you make sure to stay after the credits. This secret scene left me fist pumping like an 11 year old girl seeing Bieber for the first time.

Best friends for life!
Best friends for life!

Beer Two

If you came to this party for the acting chops you are either an idiot or love to find a reason to “troll” others, please sterilize yourself immediately. Outside of Fiona Dourif playing the lead you have B series soap opera acting. Does it work for this movie?  Sure, but they could have done better. The sister was so unbelievable she actually caused me to laugh out loud a time or two.

Chucky now has an updated look, more facial feature, eyes dilate, etc. The doll ends up seeming more real as the movie progresses. I liked the peeling back of the face to reveal the scarred Chucky. The next scene featured our scar-faced friend descending the stairs. His movement could not have been any worse. This was probably the biggest FX misstep and I understand these direct-to-video deals but you would have been better to just cut the scene.

Peek-a-boo I kill you..
Peek-a-boo I kill you..

Beer Three

I got the feeling that this movie was meant to please both sides of the Chucky fan base. Most either really like the Child’s Play movies or the later Chucky ones. Personally I am in the first half as I prefer the scary over the constantly funny Chucky. The movie starts feeling like the originals, very dark, creepy slasher-like. Midway through we see a very obvious shift to the later movies displaying more humor with a little camp tossed in for fun. This was not a deal breaker but more of an annoyance as I was really enjoying where things were headed in the first half.



Fans of this series need to see this movie. You will find something to like regardless of where your loyalty lies. This film makes a great random pick for this time of year. It has a little bit of everything: horror, humor, sexual tension, and even an “awe moment” or two.

To all the haters!!!

Drinking Game

Take a shot: any time someone’s acting causes your eyes to roll.

Sip a beer: when you get that good ole 80’s slasher feel.

Tip a glass: for each cameo you catch.

Last Call

Don’t miss the scene after the credits roll!

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