Crimson Peak (2015) Movie Review: Hey Ladies, You Get to See Tom Hiddleston’s Hiney in This

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By: Frankie B. (Two Beers) –

I have seen every Guillermo Del Toro directed movie and when I heard that this was in development, I knew I had not choice but to see it. From everything that I had heard and seen of the movie, I was really looking forward to a classic haunted house story from one of the most prolific directors in Hollywood. With Crimson Peak we might not have gotten the instant classic that many people predicted, but we did get one hell of a spectacle.

The world deserves another.
The world deserves another.

Crimson Peak tells the story of Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska), the only daughter of a successful industrialist (Jim Beaver), and an aspiring writer. Edith falls in love with Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), and moves to his estate along with his sister Lucille (Jessica Chastain). She soon discovers that the estate holds many dark secrets and some of them may prove to be deadly.

A Toast

Guillermo del Toro is one of the few directors in Hollywood that has a very distinct style, and it come out in every scene in this. From set design, musical choices, dark humor, and brutal violence, we see what makes him great. The violence in the movie is brief, but holy tits is it brutal.  Seeing a dude’s face caved in from being smashed on a sink will never get old.

Unfortunately, this is probably never going to happen.
Unfortunately, this is probably never going to happen.

The atmosphere and the sets are really what sold this movie for me. The manor in the movie is rickety and decaying, and it was gloriously done. Coupling that with the oppressive atmosphere, and we had a real winner here. You just got the sense that characters in this movie were in this inescapable shitty situation.

This had great atmosphere, but we all know who did it the best.
This had great atmosphere, but we all know who did it the best.

The acting in the movie was surprisingly solid, given the fact that the only one that I thought would carry their weight would be Jessica Chastain. Mia did a commendable job carrying the movie on her frail shoulders, and she got the occasional helping hand from Hiddleston and Charlie Hunnam. The leading men did a great job, with Hunnam surprising in a pseudo Sherlock Holmes role. It was also awesome seeing Jim Beaver act in something that is not on the CW (Supernatural). Just needed to mention it.

Even he's surprised that he is acting in something other than Supernatural.
Even he’s surprised that he is acting in something other than Supernatural.

Beer Two 

Have you ever seen a movie where you see the twist coming from a mile away? Yeah, well, this is absolutely one of those movies. It was only about twenty minutes in when I called what the goddamn twist was going to be. Didn’t even mean to, it just popped in my head. Don’t worry, I’m not going to ruin it for you, I really want you to see this one. It does sting a little bit that the story didn’t really take any crazy chances or necessarily try to distance itself from conventional ghost stories.

Trust me, every movie needs an obvious twist.
Trust me, every movie needs an obvious twist.

99% of the time, Jessica Chastain is the best actor/actress in the given movie that you are watching. Too bad that this was the 1% outlier, because holy shit did she overact in this one. Every line and movement is exaggerated to the Nth degree and not in a great way. I get that it was how the character may have been written, but it was still moderately distracting.

Jessica Chastain's acting coach.
Jessica Chastain’s acting coach.


Crimson Peak is not a traditional “scary” movie and it definitely needs to be seen to appreciate it. Check this out instead of Paranormal Activity 19.


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