Clueless (1995) Movie Review

Clueless (1995)
Clueless (1995) DVD / Blu-ray

By: Katy Kleinginna (A Toast) –

“Is this a Noxzema commercial or what?!” as described by Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone), real life Malibu Barbie.

Clueless is the story of high schooler Cher Horowitz, who spends her days bouncing between social events, negotiating grades, and learning there is more to life than Christian Slater films.

Cher’s time is mostly spent maintaining her public reputation, but quickly changes pace when Ty (the late Brittany Murphy) moves into town.  Ty is a sweet party girl but needs some intense coaching from Cher to shed her stoner image in order to fit in with the California socialites.

 A Toast

Clueless was released in the heyday of teen flicks, but stood out with its bold characters and parody of California stereotypes.  Silverstone’s character is a self-obsessed daddy’s girl who cares deeply about her social status, but longs to have something more substantial in her life than “calorie fests” and mall days.  Cher’s brooding, 20-something step brother Josh (the very dreamy Paul Rudd) is nearly always at odds with Cher because of her inability to care about the world around her.  The dynamic shifts when Cher realizes her popularity and status can be used to create a better world for mankind. The change is heart warming and sweet, without falling prey to the classic cheese of teen films.

Bosstones, brewskies and boyfriends. What more could a girl want?
Bosstones, brewskies and boyfriends. What more could a girl want?


one beer

At first glance it’s difficult to sit through the like, valley girls and the like, totally dope Jeeps, but Clueless is a film full of layers and heart.  The characters leave an impression on viewers because of their honesty.  Though the stars are clad in designer brands and outlandish wardrobe choices, the characters are never less than genuine.

(If nothing else about this movie works for you, just wait for the party scene where The Mighty Mighty Bosstones make a cameo.)


Drinking Game:

Take a Drink: whenever you see someone with a new nose job (you’ll get it when you see it)

Take a Drink:  for “totally”, “like”, or “dope”

Take a Drink: every time you swoon hard over Paul Rudd

Do a Shot: when “Rollin’ With the Homies” is brought up

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  1. best scene of the movie……when Brittany Murphy falls down the stairs!!! A comedy great xxx

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