Cash Only (2016) Movie Review: Follow the Money Trail

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Cash Only is the story of Elvis Martini, a landlord who owes several people money. He ends up robbing the wrong person and suddenly owes money to a dog-fighter who kidnaps his daughter. Nickola Shreli serves as writer, producer, and star for Cash Only. To date, he is most notably known for (according to IMDb) Hostel Part III and playing an extra in 8 Mile. After seeing Cash Only, I hope he will write and star in more movies in the future.


Shreli pictured in crowd…somewhere…maybe…

A Toast

The editing was spot-on for this film. I absolutely loved the flow of shots. Nothing felt like an unnecessary addition to pad the scene. When you have movies with bad editing it can make you feel bored or confused, whether it be too long before a cut or too short before one. In terms of editing I never got bored or confused. The atmosphere was really well-established for this movie. Though it is made to be grim and bleak considering the life the main character lives, there is never a point where the film has a large tonal shift. I hate when films will take a dark route but then halfway through back off to make it less intense. The tension that Cash Only manages to carry for the entire movie strengthens the overall experience it presents.

Cash Only 2

Seriously though, this is nothing like Keanu.

Beer Two

The plot got a little out of hand during this movie. It starts off with Elvis in court for owed money to the bank. Then you find out he owes more money to someone else. Elvis tries to get money and ends up robbing the wrong person so his daughter gets kidnapped. It would have been easier to not even have the opening scene in the courthouse. Elvis just becomes more and more desperate for money as the movie progresses. The audience will keep thinking in the back of their head there is no way he can get all of this money together and this is going to be a sad ending.


If you are looking for something light-hearted then definitely stay away from Cash Only. But if you appreciate the crime thriller genre then this is a must-see movie. I don’t think I have been on the edge of my seat for a climax like this since Prisoners. Cash Only never shies away from being a hard to watch film and for that it is stronger than most entries to genre.


Cash Only (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time someone asks for owed money

Take a Drink: every time Elvis yells at someone

Take a Drink: every time Elvis points a gun at someone

Do a Shot: when Elvis is forced into a situation where he has to kill a person

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