Black Shampoo (1976) Movie Review: Man, Youtube’s Censors Are Getting Lax…

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Six Pack) –

Every once in awhile Oberst and I meet up for a summit of truly bad movie watching, but of all the bizarrities that we’ve seen, the randomly Youtube-encountered gem Black Shampoo is a clear standout.

Shampoo was a bit hit, so a blaxploitation interpretation plus bonus revenge plot and softcore porn makes sense, right?  Any more plot talk would be doing you a disservice, trust me.

Trust me.

A Toast

We happened along Black Shampoo after going down the classic trailer rabbit hole and seeing the above crown jewel of the craft.  “A woman entices… a chainsaw slices” is some of the finest copy ever written.

The best thing I can say about Black Shampoo is that its entertainment value largely lives up to that line.  Throw in some bizarrely spectacular 70s interior design…


Pam Grier and E.T. did not make pretty babies

…, a fly on the wall invitation to one of the weirdest parties this side of a John Waters movie, a surprisingly bloody action finale, and more nudity than you can shake your stick at, and you get the grooviest, goofiest, goriest semi-softcore porn blaxploitation classic you’d ever want to see.

Beer Two

It’s semi-softcore porn.  Twelve year old me would shat a brick to have this at his fingertips (again, thanks Youtube!).  Twelve year old me would’ve also been more age appropriate than our hero for some of the (literal) girls in the film, particularly a 30 (!) year old cougar’s daughters who give Mr. Jonathan some attention.  Man, the 70s were the Pervert Golden Age.


Hence the uniform blonde 70s stache

Beer Three

Black Shampoo is quite progressive, but weirdly so.  It’s nice to see race treated like a non-factor in the plot, and Mr. Jonathan’s two biggest friends/co-workers are both gay… but so incredibly stereotypically comic relief-style gay.  So… progress?

Beer Four

It takes awhile to segue from softcore porn farce to gritty revenge flick, and the transition… is not smooth.  An inexplicably near five-minute one take of gangsters smashing the hair salon set to circus music is followed by the fayest employee getting raped with a hot curling iron.  No exaggeration.

Beer Five

The torture of its actors somehow extends further even than that.  Oberst and I did some math on the career of the pseudonymed Jack Mehoff and and determined that he must have been paralyzed on set, although we couldn’t tell when.  Finally, the only actor who gives a damn, lead actress Tanya Boyd, is forced to flee through scrub brush… bottomless.


Like Naked & Afraid, but presumably less money and more thorns

Beer Six

Terrible dubbing, an eclectic, apoplectic score, continuity headscratchers, impressively disinterested acting, yadda, yadda, yadda…


Black Shampoo is the best kind of six pack flick- the one which must be seen to be believed.

Six Pack

Last Call: Jack Mehoff… that is all.

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