Beautiful Noise (2014)

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By: Bill Leon (Two Beers) –

Beautiful Noise is a documentary about the dream pop and shoegaze subgenres of alternative rock music. The documentary has been in the making since at least 2008 and finally sees the light of day in 2014. We’ve got a slew of people being interviewed about the bands that built up this movement in the 1980s and the bands who kept it going throughout the 1990s all the way up to its eventual passing from the mainstream. People like Billy Corgan… Wayne Coyne… and Trent Reznor.

*Self-Important 90s musician Joke*

Also Robert Smith of The Cure and Emma Anderson from Lush!


*Emma Anderson from Lush joke*

A Toast

This documentary, for me, was informative and introduced me to some new groups I’m looking forward to listening to. Going in, I was very familiar with the band Lush and only had a passing familiarity with bands like The Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, and The Cocteau Twins. Coming out, I’m definitely going to listen to more of their stuff- as well as a lot of the other bands featured throughout the film. As an introduction to these subgenres and its various highlights throughout its popularity, this is a very solid, enlightening little musical history lesson.

One of the strengths of this documentary is something other rock docs constantly screw up: They don’t let the music play long enough to speak for itself or leave an impression on you. It’s a music documentary! Let the music play on! In Beautiful Noise, they give most of the songs/videos on display here ample time to shine and familiarize you with the specific intricacies of that particular band. I see too many rock documentaries where letting the audience hear the music seems like an afterthought. Luckily Beautiful Noise does its job in this department pretty well.

The film ends on a triumphant, positive notion regarding the resurgence of the shoegaze/dream pop sounds with young, modern music fans.

Beer Two

Making a documentary about a big, broad topic like this is not an easy task. Trying to squeeze the entire history and necessary information and highlights about something so vast and so grand in a mere two hours more often than not runs into problems with accurately trying to relay it all. This film is admirable and informative and musically a treat for those who do like this kind of sound in their rock music… but they try to cram just a bit too much in. Ultimately with the amount of bands they spotlight, you never learn THAT much about any one of them. It equates to a video mixtape at times.

As a result of this, I can only imagine that people coming in who are already familiar with the movement and the bands will get bored pretty quickly. This is strictly for introductory purposes. Experts beware.

51LbAY-0VBL._SL1024_[1]Take my documentary off shuffle!


I am very interested to check out a lot of the music featured in this movie. This documentary is great for casual fans of certain bands they discuss here and for those unfamiliar but interested in the genre(s). Die-hard fans and experts, however; I doubt there’s much here you don’t already know.


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