Army of Darkness (1992) Movie Review


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Army of Darkness is the third installment of the Evil Dead trilogy by Sam Raimi. I don’t know how reliable IMDb is on future releases, but it says an Army of Darkness 2 for 2016! Oh yeah!! I’m there, but ONLY if Bruce Campbell is Ash. Ash is the “hero” (survivor) of the Evil Dead films.

As they progressed Ash became more of ass, or dick, whatever you prefer. And in Army of Darkness he is a full on dick to everyone. Sometimes deserved, but sometimes not so much. The thing is that’s what makes Ash attractive. He is so sick of the shit he has been through, and keeps going through, that he has no patience for it anymore.

In this installment Ash has been sucked in a vortex of some sort and sent to the 1300s where he is seen as “the Chosen One”. To get home (and back to his job as S-Mart) he has to get the Necronomicon and fight an army of the dead.

We all know this book! Klaatu Barada Nikto
We all know what this means.

A Toast

It is a cult classic, and is a must watch for a horror fan and especially an Evil Dead fan. It is very different from the other Evil Dead movies. This one is much more comedic (lots of slapstick), but still has touches that feel of the ones before it. I love a  highly quotable and memorable film…this is both! Sure the effects are 80’s quality (or current Syfy Original Movie quality), but it’s part of its charm.

Then we have Ash, who like I said is a dick, but there is something attractive about him. I don’t know if it’s his confidence, square jaw, or the lack of filter he has. Maybe it’s the scars…as said by Keanu Reeves in The Replacements, “Chicks Dig Scars”.


Then the quotes/moments of this movie.  My personal favorites.

and the best of them all!


This is my favorite of Evil Dead trilogy, and  Bruce Campbell’s portrayal of Ash is what makes it great.  I am not a fan of horror comedy, but this was done right. A great movie that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Just sit back and enjoy the ride!


Drinking Game

Do a shot: if you spot the Gulliver’s Travels reference.

Do a shot: when you see the Necronomicon, because you know that book means the shit is gonna hit the fan.

Do a shot: for the Three Stooges bit.

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