Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie (2014)

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By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Two Beers) –

The voice of a disenchanted generation of  gamers; he is a paragon of honesty in a world clouded by nostalgia.  The Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie tells the story of “The Nerd” (James Rolfe), an internet personality whose bile-filled rants against bad video games has made him a legend of geekdom.  For years his fans have sent him request after request to review the game which tormented his soul most, a game so terrible that thousands of unsellable copies were allegedly dumped in the New Mexico desert.


Bowing to fan pressure, the Nerd teams up with sidekick Cooper (Jeremy Suarez), and corporate nerd-girl Mandi (Sarah Glendening) to review the game and uncover the deepest, darkest secrets of our gaming past.

A Toast

A long-anticipated big-screen adaptation of the popular web-series character, whose cathartic rants against bad video games have become legendary in internet circles; Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie succeeds admirably in satisfying longtime fans. Bolstered by a successful 2012 crowd-funding campaign which proved the devoutness of its fanbase; expectations were high, and Director/Writer/star James Rolfe alongside co-Director/Writer Kevin Finn have met those needs and then some.


The charmingly campy visuals and special effects pay tribute to cult monster movies and classic science fiction with practical makeup, props, miniatures, and costumes used whenever possible.  The film also uses some computer effects, which serve to enhance the experience and aren’t leaned on as a crutch.

Followers of Rolfe and fans of B-movies will immediately recognize the style of filmmaking as a close cousin of Troma Entertainment (of The Toxic Avenger fame).  What Troma pioneered in campy violence and exploitative gore; the Angry Video Game Nerd does with dialogue: spewing a kind of blatant vulgarity that satirizes the frustrated amateur critic internet culture while hinting at the character’s own arrested development.  The Nerd is a stand-in for an entire generation of angry gamers who never truly put away childish things (and that’s OK).

Shove it, Corinthians!

Beer Two

The film’s biggest challenge for viewers will be catching all the in-references.  This film will certainly make new fans of the Angry Video Game Nerd, but this is a film for the fans first and foremost.  As a result, it may leave some of those unfamiliar with the source material grasping for context.  That said, newcomers familiar with the video gaming background, or who are fans of low-budget filmmaking will definitely have much to occupy their interest.  James Rolfe and Kevin Finn have made a movie for their devout, and I look forward to seeing whatever project either (or both) of them work on.


A hilarious and satisfying love-letter to fans of B-Movies, Z-grade video games and the internet culture in general.


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