Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa (2013) Movie Review

Alan Partridge Alpha Papa posterBy: Shaun Wren (A Toast) –

Many people in America may know Steve Coogan as a charming English actor starring as Octavius in the Night at the Museum films and he also appeared in Tropic Thunder, The Other Guys and that shocking remake of Around the World in 80 Days.

However here in Britain there’s only one character for which he will be remembered for the rest of his career and that man is the legend Alan Partridge.

If you never heard of Alan Partridge, he was a failed TV presenter turned radio host of “Radio Norwich” (turned North Norfolk Digital) and has been a British cult character for the last 20 years doing miniseries and one-off specials.

The next step of Coogan/Partridge was to move from TV screens to the big screen: Alpha Papa. In it we see the famous DJ’s radio station being taken over a new media corporation, which sees veteran DJ Pat Farrell taking the whole radio station hostage, and it’s down to Alan to work with the police to save the hostages from the siege.

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A Toast

This a fantastic example of how to make a film from a successful TV series where we don’t see the character move to a big city or go on holiday.  The cast is filled with unknown British and Irish talents (Americans may recognize a few faces) from the TV show. What you get when watch it is not the feeling like you’re watching an extended episode and it shouldn’t be like that.

The jokes, gags and one liners show what British comedy is all about and the movie never runs into a lull.  There is always a little joke or something to make you smile. If you, like me, never saw the TV show because you were too young, once you leave this movie it will make you a fan and you’ll want to buy the DVD. (It seems America already loves him after doing brilliantly at the New York film festival)



Due out in the States early next year, you will love this razor- sharp, well written, well directed, effortless piece of cinema, and you will leave smiling and laughing after having a brilliant time. At the moment (forgetting Syria) it feels like Brits can do no wrong.


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