Creepshow 2 (1987) Movie Review: Stephen King’s Demented Funny Paper

By: Frankie B. (Three Beers) –

Arrow Video has been killing the game with their recent Blu Ray releases. Most of the releases are small batch (a couple of thousand prints), and the quality of everything is pretty on point. Picture quality is solid as all of the movies are remastered to at least 2k resolution. Packaging is great with reversible cover art, and the bonus content is high quality as well. They have also been gracious enough to send me a shit ton of movies over the past couple of months, but that does not mean I’m going to take it easy on the movies themselves.

A face only a mother could love.

Creepshow 2 is obviously the followup to horror classic Creepshow. The brainchild of Stephen King and George Romero, they bring us three vignettes of varying degrees of horror goodness. We get the classic karmic horror story with “The Hitchhiker”. The 80s teen horror movie with “The Raft”. Finally we have the revenge epic, “Old Wooden Head”. Each has a varying degree of scariness, humor, and gore.

The man who was responsible for so many of my childhood nightmares.

A Toast

The ideas behind each of the stories are actually pretty creative when measured against the movies at the time when this was originally released. By far the best of the three is “Old Wooden Head”, with a solid mix of humor, revenge, gore, and wooden Indians. Featuring a villain that is both infinitely hateable and ridiculously over the top, this is the single thing that made this the best vignette for me. The villain is supposed to be a young Native American, but looks to be one of the whitest human beings on the planet Earth wearing an all time awful wig. Just goofy perfection.

Beer Two

“The Hitchhiker” is a classic karmic horror story. Woman runs over hitchhiker, and hitchhiker keeps coming back from the dead for a ride. ¬†Just normal everyday stuff. You know where the story is going from the beginning but it is still super enjoyable even if it does get slightly repetitive towards the end. Decent gore effects made this one a worthwhile watch for me.

I’m fine, it is just a flesh wound.

Beer Three

By far the worst of the bunch was “The Raft”, just a shitpile of a short. 80s teen schlockery, titties, weird rapey vibes, and a killer blob. All the things that you need for a crap movie. That’s about all that I have to say about that one.


Creepshow 2 is one of the first horror movies that I remember watching and will always hold a special place in my heart. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really hold up overall. Still worth a watch but it not essential when there is a ton of high quality horror movies out there.

Creepshow 2 (1987) Drinking Game

Take a Drink:¬†every time the Hitchhiker says “Thanks for the ride, lady”.

Take a Drink: every time warpaint is mentioned.

Do a Shot: at the start of every vignette.

Do a Shot: when Stephen King appears on screen.

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