3 Days to Kill (2014)


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In 3 Days To Kill, Kevin Costner plays a CIA Agent, Ethan, who is diagnosed with cancer and heads home to Paris to repair his relationships with his wife and daughter.  During this time Amber Heard shows up asking him to kill a very elusive criminal- “The Wolf”- in exchange for an experimental serum.  That’s pretty much your plot right there.  You can probably tell where this review is going…

A Toast

3 Days To Kill is an anticlimactic movie with a terribly misleading title.  I saw someone on Twitter call it “CIA Dad” and that’s precisely what it is.  The trailers I saw built it up as Costner’s version of Taken, however there was FAR less action than there was time spent with Costner’s daughter, played by Hailee Steinfeld.  The most amusing dynamic is that for Costner’s character being gone for the majority of her life, once he gets back… the mother leaves on business!


He teaches his daughter to ride a bike.  The bike gets an astonishing amount of screen time…

Beer Two

The movie opened up a few useless plot points that it didn’t bother to close up.  What happened between the daughter and her boyfriend at the party?  What happens to Mitat after being pulled from the car?  Regardless of the importance of either of these, if the story is worth being told, it’s worth finishing.

Beer Three

The movie is considerably underwhelming.  No peaks and valleys, no emotional roller coaster, simply nothing to get excited about.  It’s a very consistent rate of mediocrity. 

AMBER HEARD on the Three Days To Kill Set

Here we see the bike…again!



Alright, so at least Costner had Man of Steel and in a few weeks we’ll get Draft Day and both of those are set to be better than 3 Days To Kill.  I think the biggest problem with the movie though is actually its misleading title.  It’s just not what it makes you expect it to be- especially with the trailers.  Call it what it is, and there are some degrees of improvement.  Just don’t expect a level of violence (but more him reconciling with his daughter).


Drinking Game

Do a Shot: every time the bike appears

Take a Drink: every time the daughter lies

Take a Drink: every time the medicine makes him hallucinate

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