2 Days in New York (2012)

2_Days_in_New_York-PosterBy: Henry J. Fromage (Four Beers) –

I watched this sequel to the splendid 2 Days in Paris immediately after finishing that one, eager to see if Delpy could tap herself in the sequel.  Well… all those positive reviews for this five years later follow-up clearly didn’t come from a similar viewing plan, because this one pales in comparison.




Imagine watching these two back to back, or don’t… please don’t

As the teeth-rottingly precious puppet show introduction of this flick tells us, Goldberg knocked her up, but (surprise!) their relationship didn’t work out.  Thankfully, the near saintly Mingus (Chris Rock) came into their life and she and her son and he and his daughter have made a nice little family.  And then the in-laws show up…

A Toast

We’ll get into the many ways this one pales in comparison to the first, but at least it’s still funny.  Well, at least Albert Delpy is still in this one, and is as hilarious as ever.  The sense of humor in this film is a bit more broad, but also random, like Rock’s conversations with his Obama cardboard cut-out, which I appreciated, and his bizarre dream sequence might be the highlight of the whole film.  Anyway, there’s enough comedy that hits here to make it worth a watch.

Beer Two

Unfortunately, everything Delpy had to say about these characters and their relationships she apparently got out of her system in the last film, because this film is entirely without insight of any sort into anything as far as I can tell.


So, if the first film was somewhat a really great Meet the Parents

Beer Three

The humor in this is often blunter than a 20 year old Dennys butter knife and broader than the person who uses it.  One guess as to why they gave Rock’s character a name as freakin’ random as “Mingus”.

Beer Four

All the subtlety of the original has evaporated by this point.  Not only in the humor, but even the majority of the characters themselves.  Outside of Delpy herself and to a lesser extent Rock, every other character was written for comic or plot convenience, and played just as broadly.  For as much as she bitches about Hollywood, Delpy basically made a studio comedy with this.  Sorry, Woody Allen this ain’t.



2 Days in New York is an amusing comedy and nothing more.  That’s incredibly disappointing considering the film it’s a sequel to, but you’ll get some laughs out of it regardless.


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Do a Shot: whenever the sisters fight

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