Tales of an Immoral Couple (La Vida Inmoral de la Pareja Ideal) (2017) Movie Review

By: Jenna Zine (A Toast) –

A passionately love-struck teenage couple are torn apart by scandal, only to be reunited 25 years later when a chance meeting results in a comical evening of errors.

A Toast

Martina (played by Ximena Romo as a teen and Cecilia Suarez as an adult) and Lucio (a teen Sebastian Aguirre and adult Manuel Garcia-Rulfo) had the typical “meet cute” in high school: girl flirts with boy, boy joins ballet class to be near girl, boy and girl embark on a roller coaster of true love and sexual exploration that involves their dance teacher and an erotic photographer. Wait, what? So goes director/screenwriter Manolo Caro’s riotous and heartbreaking take on love at first sight and how it looks through the eyes of adults.

Ballet has never looked more alluring! [Photo Credit]

Martina and Lucio’s story is told in interweaving scenes of the present day and high school flashbacks, beginning with the estranged lovers bumping into one another at a grocery store (set in the picturesque town of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico) after a dramatic separation 25 years prior. The two engage in awkward chit chat, pretending to be unaffected by one another’s presence even as their chemistry roils. When they find they’re both attending the same benefit later that evening, they each come up with fictional spouses as dates to the gala. Now where to find willing participants to flesh out the ruse?

Why are Martina and Lucio desperate to go to such lengths? One understands when seeing the sizzling connection they shared in high school – a wildly sexual and mature relationship that comes around but once in a lifetime. (Ximena Romo and Sebastian Aguirre are both stunning in their roles – I could watch them forever.) Anyone who’s had the thrill of young love will relate to the drama of making every moment count. Unfortunately, Martina’s jealous friend, Amelia (Natasha Dupeyron), and nosy sister, Beatriz (Mariana Trevino), set circumstances into motion that ensure the lover’s connection comes to a shocking end.

An evening based on a web of lies. What could possibly go wrong? [Photo Credit]

The present day gala scenes are absolutely hilarious, evoking frothy reminders of early work by Pedro Almodovar. Martina’s drunken roommate Igor (Juan Pablo Medina) is riotous as her faux husband and Paz Vega is luminous as Lucio’s stand-in, the pregnant Loles (who’s actually Lucio’s best friend’s wife). The “will they, or won’t they” culminates in a wild dinner party that no one will soon forget. Do they get their happy ending, after nearly three decades apart? I won’t spoil it here, but I guarantee you’ll have a blast finding out.


I simply adore this film! The deftly layered plot blends the comical with the gut-wrenching. Any rom com fan will delight in the time spent in Martina and Lucio’s world.

Tales of an Immoral Couple (2017) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time there’s a ballet class.

Take a Drink: every time teenage Martina and Lucio embark on an adventure.

Take a Drink: every time there’s a hot sex scene!

Do a Shot: if you want to slap that little bitch Amelia for ratting out Martina and Lucio.

Do a Shot: for Manolo Caro’s black comedy mini series, coming to Netflix in 2018!


Last Call

The film is so lovely that you’ll want to watch to the last frame.

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