Say Anything (1989)

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Please join us for a special pre-Valentine’s Day screening of “Say Anything,” Tuesday, February 11th at the McMenamin’s Mission Theater in Portland, OR.  for our first ever live MovieBoozer event! Generous sponsorship provided by 105.9 The Brew and McMenamins.

Lloyd Dobler is a hopeful, yet seemingly average, recent high school graduate whose whole aim in life is to date his crush – the prim, gorgeous, unattainable class valedictorian, Diane Court. He finally wins her over, only to find himself competing with her overly protective father for her time and attention.

A Toast

Lloyd Dobler (the sublime John Cusack) seems like a loser. He’s got few goals – other than to avoid anything that’s been bought, sold, or processed – on his long journey towards becoming a kickboxing champion. (The sport of the future!) But what Lloyd does have going for him is a ton of heart and that’s what ultimately wins over winsome Diane Court (the stunning Ione Skye). The two start off casually dating, but are soon on track to true love. Unfortunately another man complicates things – Diane’s loving but controlling father (John Mahoney as Jim Court). Diane’s dad is less than thrilled by his daughter’s choice of beau and becomes increasingly concerned by Lloyd’s presence in her life. Too bad Jim Court didn’t spend as much time focusing on his own life; otherwise he might’ve noticed the IRS is mighty interested in his affairs!


Did I mention I stole this hat from Stevie Nicks?

This movie is a cult classic for a reason and that reason is writer/director Cameron Crowe. Crowe crafted a unique teenage rom-com that stands the test of time. It’s full of humor – but it’s way more than just a sex-filled romp. It’s got a layered plot that resonates to this day. Kudos, of course, also goes to John Cusack and Ione Skye for carrying the film. I’m hard-pressed to think of an actor I admire more than the underrated and understated Cusack – from his iconic turn as the “It Boy” of Eighties comedies to his nuanced work as an adult – John delivers every time. And Ione remains the perfect choice to play the sweetly sexy Diane on her journey from bookish loner to first time love.

There’s one more nod that needs to go out to a man behind the scenes – casting director Randy Stone, who had the brilliant foresight to not only put John and Ione together, but also Joan Cusack, Lili Taylor, Jeremy Piven, Pamela Adlon, Bebe Neuwirth, Eric Stoltz, and Chynna Phillips in one glorious film. Those are a lot of “famous before they were famous” faces. The modern day equivalent is the work done by Judd Apatow’s sidekick, Allison Jones. One only has to watch Freaks & Geeks or Undeclared to realize she’s had the early pulse on today’s comedy supergroup for ages.  But back to Mr. Stone. Did I also mention that he was the person responsible for casting David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson in The X-Files? Yeah, the man had chops.

jeremy piven

Damn it – I should be the star of this film! Where is my entourage?



I could go on and on about the perfection of Say Anything – but it doesn’t need me. It more than stands on its own.


Drinking Game

In honor of our upcoming event, please join us for a special “crowd sourced” drinking game with the MovieBoozer staff!

Take a Drink: every time Lloyd Dobler refers to kickboxing as “the sport of the future.”

Take a Drink: every time Corey Flood (Lili Taylor) plays a song about Joe.

Take a Drink: whenever Diane Court’s father gives her advice or encouragement.

Take a Drink: whenever someone tells Lloyd that Diane is too good for him.

Do a Shot: for hanging out at the ‘ol Gas ‘n’ Sip.

Do a Shot: for that damn pen.

Chug: when you hear the sweet strains of Peter Gabriel.

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