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102 Dalmatians (2000) Movie Review

By: Alex Phuong (Two Beers) –

She’s baaaacckkk!

The Disney song “Cruella De Vil” contains the following lyrics: “This vampire bat / This inhuman beast / She ought to be locked up / And never released!”

However, Cruella De Vil actually was released from prison, which resulted in Cruella reverting back to her dastardly deeds in the sequel 102 Dalmatians. This film itself is a very boldly original Disney movie because of its continuation of the (mis)adventures between Cruella De Vil and the lovable dalmatians that have to outwit her once again.

A Toast

This film contains gorgeous Oscar-nominated costumes from Anthony Powell. There are actually a lot of clever outfits that Glenn Close had to wear throughout the picture that showcase her sense of style. Gérard Depardieu also joins the cast as Jean-Pierre Le Pelt, and fashion is a key element in this film overall. There is also a nice tribute to animal activists who discourage clothing made from animal skins, which gives the film a humanitarian quality to it. That nice inclusion about contemporary issues makes this Disney sequel feel more modern compared to films that Walt Disney personally produced. 102 Dalmatians was also originally released in 2000, which makes this film one of the first Disney movies of the twenty-first century. It is great to know that Disney was willing to change alongside the real world even with the historical legacy associated with “the house that Walt built.”

Beer Two

Even though the title is 102 Dalmatians, the title itself is a bit misleading. The original film was 101 Dalmatians (1996), which implies that there is one additional dalmatian. Within the actual film, though, there are actually three (3) additional puppies because 99 +3 = 102. It is also worth noting that the numerical digit “2” is supposed to be play on how sequels oftentimes have the number 2 in front of the title of the original film. Even with that confusion, 102 Dalmatians is still a delightful family film, and Glenn Close once again delivers a phenomenal performance as the deliciously evil Cruella De Vil.


This might not be the best sequel of all time, (and that applies to other film sequels that might or might not be Disney films), but 102 Dalmatians is still one of the most modern Disney films considering its original release date. It is a great example of how Disney wanted to expand rather than rely on the ideas that Walt Disney originally had in mind for what could be great family entertainment. 102 Dalmatians is also a visual marvel since the original design of the film will have people seeing lots of spots. Kudos to the filmmakers for being so audacious when it comes to what a Disney film could look like!

102 Dalmatians (2000) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every black-and-white outfit that Cruella wears

Take a Drink: every time Waddlesworth the parrot confuses the fact that he is a bird even though he asserts that he is actually a dog

And Cheers: as Cruella gets her “just desserts” (you will see what I mean when you watch the actual film… pun intended)

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