10.000 KM (2015) Movie Review: Spoiler Alert! Long Distance Relationships Blow

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By: Henry J. Fromage (Two Beers) –

Long distance relationships suck.  If you’ve ever been in one you know, and if you haven’t ask anyone.  It’s one of the world’s few unanimous opinions.


I’m sure Armond White says he loves them, but we all know the truth.

10.000 KM begins with a happy relationship at the moment it starts to take a less than happy path.  Alex (Natalia Tena) gets the opportunity of a lifetime- a photography fellowship that Sergi (David Verdaguer) reluctantly agrees she needs to take.  Soon, however, the 10,000 km/6,000 miles between L.A. and Barcelona start to wear on their relationship.

A Toast

Director/co-writer (with three others) Carlos Marques-Marcet has clearly been in a modern long-distance relationship.  He knows what it’s like to live with one eye perpetually watching Skype or Facebook, the sad, almost greasy feeling of trying to satisfy certain baser urges via videochat (protip guys: not many ladies actually enjoy this), and the uniquely internet age neurosis of obsessively typing, retyping, rereading, and regretting messages in the heat of emotion.

facebookRelationship charnel house.

Many films these days are trying to suss out the cinematic possibilities of the computer screen, but Marques-Marcet delivers the most realistic depiction of smartphone and laptop living I’ve seen to date.  I even picked up some sweet Google Maps tips.

None of this would have hit with the body blow it does without the character work of Tena (who you may recognize from Game of Thrones) and Verdaguer. They both underplay scenes that could easily stray into melodrama beautifully, and the fact you stay invested in their relationship throughout is a testament to their strong work.

Beer Two

The film opens with an ambitious 20-odd minute single take that is impressive technically, but feels a bit stagey and artificial in execution.  Verdaguer’s character in particular feels a bit random in his emotional outbursts- more a script than acting issue.  Final nitpick- Tena’s Spanish lisp yielding to an almost Cockney accent… gross.


There is no ‘r’ at the end of ‘draw’, people.


10.000 KM is a painfully realistic portrait of the ups and many, many downs of maintaining a long-distance relationship.


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