Back to School (1986) Drinking Game

Drinking Game

Take a Drink:  every time Thornton Melon is wearing plaid or primary colored pants.

Take a Drink:  every time Thornton Melon says, “Take it easy, take it easy.  Will you?”

Do a Shot:  when you spot a cameo by the following three 80’s D-list stars:

  • Jason Hervey, mostly known for playing Wayne Arnold on The Wonder Years
  • William Zabka, mostly known for playing Johnny Lawrence in The Karate Kid (Warning:  this one may repeat)
  • Edie McClurg, mostly known for playing Mrs. Poole on Valerie, Bonnie Brindle on Small Wonder, and Grace in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Shogun a Beer:  when Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. shows up to write Thornton’s term paper.

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I just want to earn my SAG card.
I just want to earn my SAG card.

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