Romeo and Juliet (1976) TV Movie Review (BBC)

By: Alex Phuong (A Toast) –

*Mild Spoilers Ahead*

What is the greatest love story of all time? Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (and its subsequent live-action remake)? Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen? After the release of the “Best Picture” winner Shakespeare in Love, Miramax advertised this film as having “the greatest love story almost never told.” That is because William Shakespeare might have already had written the greatest love story ever told. Shakespeare in Love (1998) is largely fictitious, of course, but his seminal play Romeo and Juliet endures as what is perhaps the greatest love story ever written.

A Toast!

This BBC production is simply amazing! It is nice to know that the British Broadcasting Corporation was audacious enough to adapt every single Shakespeare play for the small screen (aka television). This is a wonderful production of what is perhaps Shakespeare’s most popular (and arguably most accessible) play. Indeed, the actors bring Shakespeare’s famous love story to life in fair Verona.


Without this play, many of the world’s greatest love stories might have never been written or made into romantic cinematic masterpieces. Even Titanic (1997) is largely based on this Shakespearean classic.  Ultimately, there was never a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.

Romeo and Juliet (1976) Bonus Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time the play uses light/dark imagery (which is a real motif in this literary classic)

Take a Drink: every time Mercutio and the servants offer opposite points of view (which is another motif in the play)

Drink a Shot: every time poison plays an important role in the play

Have a Fancy Drink: during the famous balcony scene

And Have Another Toast: to what is perhaps the greatest love story of all time!

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