The Ultimate Movie Drinking Games List!

We at MovieBoozer have the greatest collection of Movie Drinking Games on the Internet.  We review movies by beers, not stars. We give bad movies more beer, it actually makes them better. MovieBoozer is a refreshing take on movie reviews. Cheers!

It all started as a ‘shooting the shit’ conversation amongst American peace workers in Peru who on the weekdays taught technical skills to locals and on weekends watched movies with beers in hand.

“That movie is a six-pack,” said one.

“What’s a six-pack?” said the other.

“It’s a movie that is so bad you should not be sober for it.”

Time went by and the concept for rating movies by beers became a common topic. Soon, was created to provide a forum for like minded people. Today, MovieBoozer is comprised of an all volunteer staff. If you are interested in contributing to the discussion we are currently accepting Box-Office Reviews, Entertainment News, and DVD/Blu-Ray/Netflix reviews. Click here for details on how to join our team.

Movie Drinking Games

The Ultimate Movie Drinking Games List!


  1. Starcrash the Drinking Game.

    Take a drink:

    Whenever Stella’s costume changes inexplicably.
    Whenever Akton reveals a new power.
    Whenever Akton randomly explains something necessary to the plot.
    Whenever the good emperor gives an extended speech.
    Anytime anything explodes in space.
    Anytime Akton’s lightsaber changes colors.
    Anytime Christopher Plummer blinks.
    Anytime an eclipse appears in the space background.
    Anytime Stella gets a mine worker killed.
    Anytime Stella gets captured.
    Anytime the robot side kick gets nervous.
    Anytime anyone comes back to life.
    Anytime you see David Hasslehoff’s stunt double.
    Anytime David Hasslehoff admits he lied.
    Whenever something is obviously a Star Wars rip off.
    Whenever ships fly ‘overhead.’
    Whenever the same shots are used repeatedly.

    Finish your current drink when:
    The emperor halts time.

  2. Nice drinking game- very thorough!

  3. before I drink to a movie I always check this site for drinking rules and I didn’t find one for the movie I was going to watch.
    We watched Big Stan.
    This is what we drank to..
    1. any mention of rape
    2. martial arts used
    3. anytime you want to facepalm

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