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A group of eight friends, four guys and four girls, are living their best carefree life during one summer in a village along the Belgian-Dutch border. They’re late high school age and very bored. During this boredom arises a curiosity for how depraved they can behave. They start by filming themselves in masks having sex and creating a website, which evolves into starting a brothel. It leads to a tragedy and to everyone questioning if they’re doing something wrong.

A Toast

This film looks fantastic; whatever cameras they were using look high quality. Normally small films like this that are also foreign do not look as clear and modern as this film. Along with the look, the music really helps ground it in a modern time. The music also elevates the film, giving it a real feel of when you were this age, with no care in the world, just existing in the summer. You’re just hanging out with friends doing whatever you want, listening to great music, only able to think about what life has in store.

I found the story structure works aptly to bolster the story itself. It’s told in four parts from four different friends’ points of view. Every individual story reveals more of the overarching story, and the way this builds keeps the audience engaged. You find out a friend dies in the first part, but don’t find out how until the fourth part. It’s not like Rashomon where each version is contradictory, rather the stories match up and we are fed crumbs until we get the full meal. It was refreshing style and made the film stand out.

Lastly, I want to shout out the entire unknown cast and how good they all are in the film. All of the young actors are so good- it’s crazy to see so much talent in the film. With an small film like this it is not uncommon to see a couple people who are stilted or bland. Here all of the actors are great and really keep the movie from being just an exercise in debauchery.

Beer Two

I think my main complaint with this film, though it is depraved and shows actual sex (wasn’t ready for that and didn’t think you could show it on screen), what I can’t believe is that they end the film with no one learning anything. There are no repercussions for anyone, and no one seems to have changed. Maybe a few characters, but not all. It begs the question of what are we as the audience supposed to learn from this film if the characters get nothing out of it.


If you’re prepared for the level of depravity in this film I think you’ll enjoy this one. It’s pretty shocking to see, and knowing that it is inspired by true events, I’d love to know what the actual events were that inspired a story as depraved as this.

Wij (We) (2020) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: for every moment of nudity

Take a Drink: for every moment you’re shocked.

Do a Shot: for every new part.

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