The Wind (2019) Movie Review

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Lizzy Macklin (Caitlin Gerard) lives on the plains of the frontier with her Husband Isaac (Ashley Zuckerman) in the late 1800’s. Isaac leaves to get supplies for the upcoming winter leaving Lizzy to tend for herself. During this time of Isolation, she begins to either go insane or is being stalked by a Demon of the prairie. Also, during this time Lizzy keeps flashing back to the time before when another couple had lived near them. Did they bring something sinister? Was there always a Demon on the prairie, or is Lizzy imaging everything due to the isolation and cabin fever?

A Toast

The biggest praise I can give for this film is Caitlin Gerard’s performance as Lizzy.  She gives an unnerving performance, and due to the flash backs we get to see the juxtaposition of her performance between her “normal” self and the self that begins to go insane. If Caitlin wasn’t 100% committed to her performance this film could’ve fallen flat, but she brings her A game and I hope to see her in many more films to come.

There are some genuinely good scares in this film. The jump scares are minimized but when they occur, they’re used to perfection, actually making me jump in my computer chair. This film is all about building tension and Director Emma Tammi and Writer Teresa Sutherland do that with masterful skill. Every now and then we get a shot of the wide-open frontier just to remind us how alone Lizzy is, making it more terrifying every time we’re reminded of the fact. If you’re looking for a horror film on the shorter side with some good scares then look no further. At a taught 86 minutes this film has excellent pacing, not wasting a second.

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With the amount of flashbacks there are the film at times becomes confusing. Every once in a while, I had to stop and figure out which time we were in. Either the flashbacks needed to be lessened or made clearer. For instance, Lizzy could have a scar or cut on her face now that wasn’t there in the past. Eventually you start to pick up when it flashes back, but it takes a minute.

Beer Three

I don’t normally complain about endings unless they really ruin the film.  This ending didn’t ruin the film, but I wasn’t sure what it is supposed to mean. And I wasn’t analyzing the movie afterwards like Jordan Peele’s US. I didn’t know what I was supposed to make of the ending. Was none of it real? If so, how did Lizzy live there so long? Was it real but then everything vanished?  I don’t know, and the film could’ve been a little clearer in that fact.


Even with the flashback issue and the ending The Wind is still a worthy entry into the horror genre. It’s also great to see more women giving it a go in the horror genre, I hope this isn’t the last we see from any of these women. I’d love to see what they could do with a bigger budget.

The Wind (2019) Movie Review

Take a Drink: for every flashback

Do a Shot: every time you see the “Demon”

Take a Drink: for every moment of voice over.

Do a Shot: for every shot of the wide open plains

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