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Guy Ritchie is back with his organized crime comedy action flicks. Mickey (Matthew McConaughey) is a British drug lord and the largest dealer of marijuana in Britain. He has now grown tired of being in the illegal business and decides to get out with his wife Rosalind (Michelle Dockery). Mickey has multiple buyers interested, but they’re not willing to pay for the business. Meanwhile, his second in command Ray (Charlie Hunnam) is meeting with a private investigator Fletcher (Hugh Grant) who is blackmailing Mickey and Ray for 20 million dollars.

A Toast

Hands down the best thing about this film is the entire cast and the acting. McConaughey is great as the all-seeing, all-knowing kingpin. He’s equal parts charming, funny, and scary. This is probably Charlie Hunnam’s best performance since Sons of Anarchy. However, the two winners of this film are Colin Farrell and Hugh Grant. Colin plays a boxing coach whose students unwittingly rob one of Mickey’s farms. Colin is hilarious and clearly having a good time here. I have loved seeing these smaller roles Colin has taken; he’s really become a great character actor. Hugh Grant almost steals the show if it wasn’t for Colin Farrell. Hugh is also hilarious and clearly having a ton of fun playing a sleazy PI who is only interested in money.

The script does have its minor issues, but overall it is a very funny and sharp script. Some of the insults hurled are something to behold. Let’s be honest, they sound better in those British accents. Guy Ritchie really has a knack for witty scripts, especially ones that have intertwining story lines that keep you guessing till the end. I’ve been waiting for Guy to get back to Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels-style films. Hopefully he’ll keep making these films because they are a ton of fun to watch.

Beer Two

For as fun as this movie is, it doesn’t fully find its footing until about 30 to 40 minutes in. The script and editing seem to drag a little in the beginning, but eventually Guy finds his footing in the story he wants to tell. This film could’ve been a dud in lesser hands, but the few issues with the script and editing prevents this from being on the level of Snatch.


Even with the minor issues in editing in the beginning, The Gentlemen is still a really fun film and a nice refresher that Guy Ritchie can be a really fun and good director.

The Gentlemen (2020) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: for every non-PC joke.

Take a Drink: every time Raymond says “That’s not what happened” or “How it happened”

Do a Shot: every time someone is killed.

Take a Drink: every time someone drinks.

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