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The Flying Fish (2019) Movie Review

By: Henry J. Fromage (A Toast) –

The Flying Fish is an experimental animated short film that serves as a calling card for animator and director Murat Sayginer’s skills in this chosen field.

A Toast

Just about all of the animation is very polished and almost hard to believe was produced independently and I’d assume not on the largest budget in the world.  It’s clear that Sayginer has some really excellent technical skills, and the score by Jochen Mader and Onur Tarcin proves an excellent accompaniment.

Beer Two

The film is comprised of 10 shorts made across seven years, and it shows- as a calling card for Sayginer’s skills, it’s great, but as a coherent narrative it falls unavoidably short.

Beer Three

The actual throughline for the film is a mishmash of Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, New Age, and Alien imagery.  If that’s not your bag, you’re likely to find even less to the narrative than you’d like.

Beer Four

Ultimately, this feels like something that should be in a modern art installation with the conjoined music and imagery- it’s hard to see where a feature might come out of this, but it could succeed in the right forum for the right audience.


The Flying Fish is a well-animated, ambitious, but narratively incoherent calling card for a promising talent in the animation field.

The Flying Fish (2019) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every flying fish

Take a Drink: for Christian iconography

Take a Drink: for Buddhist iconography

Take a Drink: for rolling stones

Do a Shot: for aliens

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