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God Bless America, Land That Loves to Murder! The Purge is back and this time we get to see how the purge came about. Evil white government creates purge to kill poor minorities and poor minorities kill rich white evil. Of course, this concept backfires, but this backfire doesn’t kill the NFFA (New Found Fathers of America) agenda for The Purge. This baffles me because one major drug kingpin shouldn’t be able to take out a bunch of soldiers single-handedly. It’s not without its thrills, but it still falls flat.

A Toast

It’s still a great concept with The Purge, something that probably should’ve been a book series, because it’s still is underutilized. The cool concept is used for some exciting action and decent scares. The use of a mostly minority cast is probably the best part about this film. Minorities make up a large portion of the poor population and to have a film about the difference between rich and poor it makes sense to seize the opportunity to have a nearly all minority cast. It is well-acted by these newcomers, thankfully we don’t have a poorly acted horror film on our hands, because there is nothing worse than that.

Beer Two

The Purge is a fascinating concept that could be used to examine humanity’s penchant for violence. Our mob mentality under times of stress. It’s a very intriguing concept that, yes, can be used to show great violence like it has been, but it never goes further. I’d love to see and this concept deserves a much more intellectual examination as a whole.

Beer Three

This movie has a lot to say about the disparity between rich and poor, and how minorities are treated in this country by the law and the rich combined. However, this was a little too on the nose at a comical level. The government sends in the military to kill people to ensure The Purge is a success. Well, they dress like the KKK and Nazi’s.  Yes, I believe the KKK and Nazis are the purest form of evil, but this was too on the nose for me.  It’s like the last film when the main bad guy was comically covered in every Nazi tattoo that exists. I get that he’s evil, you don’t need to hit me over the head with a frying pan about it.

Beer Four

The man that plays Skeletor went way over the top. It felt like a director’s decision, not the actor. He was so ridiculously excited to start murdering people I couldn’t tell if he was doing it for the money or the enjoyment of killing. There were other plot holes that are overlooked as well. I don’t understand how a government would keep The Purge going if it showed that it really wasn’t working. I guess it does come together because in the 1st three purges everyone acts like it’s Psycho Christmas and murders each other.


The First Purge is still an intriguing concept with some great scares and murders, but this franchise has already peaked in the 2nd film. This film was missing Frank Grillo as he was the best part of the 2nd and 3rd film. Unfortunately, this franchise is on the down slope and hopefully they either quit or turn it around.

The First Purge (2018) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: for every fire.

Do a Shot: for every on-screen murder.

Do a Shot: for every evil white man.

Take a Drink: for every shot of the bright camera contacts.

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