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Jamie Foxx plays Vincent Downs, a LVPD Homicide Detective who is involved with Las Vegas’s criminal underworld. When him and his partner (played by T.I.) Steal 25 kilos of cocaine from a prominent casino owner and drug dealer, to get his cocaine back he kidnaps Vincent’s son. So Vincent sets out to get his son back. Unbeknownst to Vincent he’s being followed by Internal Affairs agents Jennifer Bryant (Michelle Monaghan) & Doug Dennison (David Harbor). Sleepless becomes a game of cat and mouse between several different people. It also becomes an incoherent mess, but at least there is fighting.

A Toast

Sleepless is a paint by numbers action film. It’s short, sweet, and gets to the point if you’re looking to be mildly entertained for 90 minutes. There are a few fighting sequences that are choreographed quite well. Also, there is one joke that actually lands. Lastly, there are some nice cars to look at, like Vincent’s Pontiac GTO.

Beer Two

Jamie Foxx gives a phoned in performance. Most of the time I couldn’t tell what he was saying. He did a lot of low volume mumbling. I know this film isn’t going to be a blockbuster or win any awards, but come on Jamie!

What happened to this Jamie Foxx?

Beer Three

There was absolutely no character development. Again in a film like this I don’t need deep and rich characters. However, when the “big twist” happens the name on the cell phone doesn’t mean anything, because we were never told his name. I had a hard time caring about anyone because we don’t get to know any of the characters well. We’re so mislead with Vincent that I personally was just annoyed.

Hey! Who’s that guy?

Beer Four

The film really didn’t make sense. The big twist was idiotic. (SPOILERS) Jennifer thinks Vincent is dirty based on one conversation with Vincent.  Well turns out it’s not Vincent, but it’s her partner Dennison. So she’s such a good cop she can peg Vincent based on one conversation but can’t tell her partner is dirty after years of working with him (SPOILERS OVER) There were other inconsistencies but I have too many things to do today to go deeper into the incoherent mess of Sleepless.

Speaking of nonsensical films with bad plot twists.

Beer Five

Lastly, I had to count because they did three aerial shots of Las Vegas is close succession, so I decided to start counting these shots. In total there were 16 aerial shots of Las Vegas. Most of them came as a film transition. Oddly, the last half of the film takes place in one casino; however they still decided to use these shots as a film transition. I didn’t understand this; all I could think was that this film was financed by the city of Las Vegas and they wanted to put in subliminal messages to get the audience to vacation in Las Vegas.


Sleepless is mildly entertaining, yet still a massive incoherent mess. I’d recommend waiting until this comes on Netflix before spending money to see this one.

Sleepless (2017) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time a cell phone rings.

Take a Drink: for every fight.

Do a Shot: every time there’s an aerial shot of Las Vegas.

Do a Shot: every time you can’t understand Jamie Foxx.

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