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Six Pack of Horror Films (Found Footage)

By: Movie Snurb –

One sub-genre in horror that has taken off is the found footage film. With the better technology we are able to make films in more creative ways, like filming an entire movie on an iPhone, or playing an entire film from computer screens. A lot of these films are just made for the gimmick and are not worth your time. However, the following films are ones in this sub-genre that I think are definitely worth your time.

Paranormal Activity

Just like another film that will appear later in my six pack, we can credit this film for a reinvigoration of the Found Footage sub-genre. I remember this film when it came out and it was by huge word of mouth. It spread like wildfire, with everyone saying “you have to see this film, it’s terrifying!” So, I went to the theater with a couple of friends and when I left the theater, I had never been so happy to be staying at a friend’s house and not alone that night. This film scared the shit out of me in theaters. This is exactly what a found footage horror film should be, low budget with a realistic look, and scary as hell. Not only did this film give way to a lot of other found footage films trying to cash in on the craze, but it spawned 5 sequels, of which only the first two are worth anything. After all of the parodies, this film isn’t scary anymore, but seeing it in theaters and not knowing anything about it, this was one of the scariest experiences I have ever had in a theater.

Spaten-Franziskaner-Brau – Spaten Oktoberfest Marzen

One of the tastier Oktoberfest brews, this is considered the world’s oldest Oktoberfest beer. I thought that would make a good pairing in two ways; first, it’s the perfect time of year for an Oktobertfest brew. Two, with Toby being an old demon who has been around for who knows how long, we might as well to drink a beer that is just as old.

Cannibal Holocaust

Considered the first found footage film ever made, it is also one of the most gruesome films ever made, or that I have ever seen. The film follows in the footsteps of the exploitative films of the 1970s except this film was all too real. Much like another film in my six-pack, the cast of actors signed an agreement not to appear in any press for a year after the film’s release so the film would be more believable. As a result, after the film’s release, the director (Ruggero Deodato) was arrested under obscenity charges, because all of the animal deaths in this film are real. Later murder charges were added on until the cast appeared in front of the judge. This is not a fun film to watch. I’ve seen it only once and it has forever been seared into my brain. Its reputation got the best of me and I had to see it.  With of course nowhere to rent it, I bought the uncensored film, which is now a part of my collection. For better or worse, this is the film that gave us the found footage genre.

Dogfish Head Craft Brewery – Flesh & Blood IPA

Another beer that perfectly pairs with the film because of the name, but also the color this time. If you can stomach eating or drinking anything while watching this film, I recommend this brew. Alternatively, maybe wait until long after the film if you have a weak stomach.

V/H/S 2

I debated either putting one of the Rec films in this six pack or one of the first two V/H/S films. I decided to go with V/H/S Because I had already put Rec in my Zombie Six Pack last year, and I choose the second V/H/S film because I believe it is elevated from the first. This is an anthology film, with 5 short films comprising it. Each short film tells a different story, just like the first film, but I think these stories are stronger. I’m not going to give a synopsis of each short film and the main short film that intertwines with all of the other stories. But one of the standouts is “A Ride in the Park”, which features a cyclist with a Go Pro who is bitten by a zombie and we watch a zombie outbreak happen from the point of view from the zombie. The other, which could be a full-length film, is called Safe Haven, where a documentary team investigates a cult in Indonesia. This and the first V/H/S are proof you can be creative and clever and make a good found footage film.

Anchor Brewing Co. – Anchor Porter

Hopefully this delicious beer perfect for the fall season will keep you grounded while you watch the out of this world short horror films.

The Bay

The opening of this film claims it was footage confiscated by the US Government until an anonymous source leaked the film for all to see. The main story is about a young reporter who is sent to this town on a bay to cover the local July 4th Festivities. During this festival terror breaks out as people start to become violently ill and what looks to be parasites growing in the humans start killing everyone and taking over the town. The film has a few different storylines, one of which is two oceanographers who discover the parasites and can maybe give insight as to what is happening in the town. Not only is this a clever found footage film with the way the story is told and telling a story that seems like it could be reality, making it terrifying, but it’s also a cautionary tale about how we should be treating the environment. If you like a good scare or you love science definitely check this one out.

Leinenkugel – Summer Shandy

Everyone loves a good summer beer to go along with their July 4th celebrations. The Summer Shandy is arguably the best summer beer ever crafted. Just be careful and look out for weird insects like parasites in your beer.

The Blair Witch Project

Could there be a list or six pack or whatever of Found Footage films without this film? Cannibal Holocaust was able to hide its cast and make everyone believe that the film was real. In 1999 the makers of The Blair Witch Project had something new at their disposal, the internet. There was a website dedicated to this film keeping the myth alive that this film was real and these were three real film students who were lost/killed in the woods. This only added to the hype train, making this one of the most profitable films ever made. Everyone had to see this film. I was only 10 when this came out, so I didn’t get to see it in theaters, but I did watch it later at home on VHS and it scared me to death. I feel lucky that I wasn’t too scared to still go camping in scouts. This has been parodied so much that if you’ve never seen it, don’t watch it, because you won’t appreciate how truly terrifying this film was. Because of all of this, this film spawned a dismal sequel and gave way to the modern found footage film, leading to the eventual birth of Paranormal Activity.

Lucky Bucket Brewing Co. – Tropic Wonder

This is a delicious beer for a camp out in October or November; it’ll keep you warm when the sun goes down. Just don’t watch this film and then go camp in the woods or you will be perpetually scared the entire night. At least this beer will keep you warm.

The Sacrament

A group of Vice reporters fly to a place called Eden Parrish where a commune-like community lead by one man seems to be a paradise. Eventually the truth starts to come out and their news report becomes a survival mission. Loosely based on the Jonestown massacre of 1978, this film, as with all found footage films, is not real, but being based in reality makes it terrifying. Watching this film and knowing that a similar thing happened to real people including children, it’s scary, sad, and an emotional ride, and one that you won’t want to get off of until the end.

Southland Brewing Co. – Berry Smash (The Purple One)

I wanted a colorful beer that looked like Kool-Aid and I think this is self-explanatory. I hope that you enjoy this beer much more than most cult members enjoy their Kool-Aid.

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