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Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) owns a failing theater that is on the verge of being repossessed by the bank. So he decides to put on a singing competition to bring business back to his theater. However, due to a typo on the flyer, instead of a $1,000.00 dollar prize Moons’ Assistant Miss Crawley typed $100,000.00. Due to this mistake, hundreds of animals turn out to audition for the singing competition. Sing shows what someone can accomplish when they decide to shoot for the stars and chase their dreams.

A Toast

The voice acting and singing by the entire cast is fantastic. McConaughey ditched his Texan drawl (which I didn’t know was possible) and gives a wonderful performance. Also Reese Witherspoon, Seth MacFarlane, and Tori Kelly give great vocal performances as a housewife pig, a con artist mouse, and an elephant who is afraid to sing. Scarlett Johansson is amazing as Ash, the heart-broken porcupine- Johansson really has an amazing singing voice. The wonderful surprise in this film was Taron Egerton as Johnny the gorilla. He has a remarkable voice and I hope we get to hear him sing again very soon. Lastly we have Nick Kroll as Gunter the German pig. Nick is hilarious in everything he does, and Sing is no exception. I won’t be surprised if he is the big hit with kids.

The film has a great lesson and that is to find something you love and do it. Sometimes in life you’ll have a shot to chase your dream and possibly achieve them and this film shows that you should seize these moments. You’ll never know what might happen, and at the least you won’t look back on your life with regrets of not attempting your dreams. The film will also teach you that sometimes it’s not about money or beating the other person, but sometimes it’s about doing the thing you love just because you love it. Obviously you can’t make a living off of this, however, it will make you happy to do what you love. Even if it is just as a hobby.

Beer Two

I watched the film in 3D, however the 3D was quite unnecessary. I forgot I was watching the film in 3D to be honest. These are terrible ploys to get parents to pay an extra 5 dollars just so you can wear some glasses, because if you don’t wear them the film will look fuzzy and give you a headache. I’ll save you some money and tell you to just see this film in 2D.

Beer Three

From the trailers I expected to have some hearty laughs during the film. However, there are a few chuckles to be had, but this film is a little flat. I still enjoyed the film and it’s a good one to see as a family. However, don’t expect to be laughing out loud like in Zootopia or even The Secret Life of Pets, which had some laugh out loud moments. Though the film is enjoyable, it’s definitely missing something. You’ll feel slightly unfulfilled after watching this one.


Sing is a fun family film with excellent singing and a great message about doing what you love. If you’re looking for film to take your children to, I’d recommend this one. It’ll be a nice watch for your kids and you won’t be annoyed or bored out of your mind.

Sing (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time Miss Crawley loses her glass eye.

Take a Drink: every time an animal gets knocked out or knocked down.

Take a Drink: every time you catch yourself tapping along to a song.

Finish your Drink: so you can muster up the courage to chase your dream.

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