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It’s been two years since Leo Barnes (Frank Grillo) chose not to murder the man that killed his son in a drunk driving accident. He is now working as head of security for Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), who’s running for President and wants to end the Purge because her family was murdered in front of her 18 years earlier. The NFFA wants to get rid of the Senator because she is gaining ground on the preacher who represents their party. So they decide to get rid of the immunity rule of politicians. The Senator decides she wants to stay home during the Purge to not lose votes with the poor communities. Well, surprise surprise, Leo and the Senator are betrayed and the NFFA hires an army of White Supremacists to kill the Senator. Now Leo and the Senator are out on the streets and on their own to survive the night.


A Toast

The scares are still very much alive in this third installment of the series. There were multiple times when I actually jumped in the theater. Not only was this film scary, but it’s quite disturbing as well. They mention murder tourists, who are people from other countries that come here for Purge night simply to murder people. Plus, the NFFA are made to look like NAZIs and they believe the murders they commit on Purge night are sacrifices to God, and it’s not murder when it’s committed in the name of the Lord. This is disturbing because if the Purge actually happened I feel like these are two very real possibilities and it’s quite unsettling to watch.

Frank Grillo does a great job once again leading this cast and pulling off a real tough bad ass. They really found the perfect actor to play Leo and carry this franchise. Mykelti Williamson, who many know as Bubba from Forrest Gump, does a great job with his role as a shop owner who ends up running into Leo and the Senator and helps them out through out the film. He has excellent comedic timing and is always there to brighten the mood during dark times in the film.

Elizabeth Mitchell does a great job as the Senator. She plays a convincing young independent candidate who would win over the hearts of the young and poor alike, making them believe there’s a beacon to follow out of the dark and into the light. I liked that Senator Charlie Roan really represents a candidate I think a lot of people in our nation is waiting for. Someone who is different from the same old politicians and actually has the Nation’s interests in mind, not someone who appears to only want the title of Mr. President.


Beer Two

However, some of the acting by the supporting actors was a little over the top. I realize this isn’t supposed to be an award-winning film, but they could’ve definitely toned it down. Especially the girls that come to destroy Joe’s (Mykelti Williamson) shop. Along with the overacting the cheese factor is really amped up in this one. I think this is due to the Good vs. Evil theme of the film. You have the evil NFFA and the good Senator trying to take them down and end Purge night. Because of this we get the regular action movie troupes.


Beer Three

This movie is really heavy handed; I could’ve been reading into it but I felt like it was a little much. You have all of the religious old white men that are wanting to rid our nation of the poor and minorities. So who do they hire to kill the Senator? A White Supremacist army whose leader was a NAZI to a cartoonish level with NAZI tattoos all over his face. The Senator and Leo end up in an underground triage center to help people who are injured during Purge night. Even in the triage center the only white people there besides Leo and the Senator were doctors and nurses, not even injured people were white. Most of the people in this country that are living below the poverty line are not all minorities, just like not all of the rich people in this country are only white.



Even with its heavy-handedness and slight cheesiness this is still a proper send-off for the franchise… or is it? At the end of the film when we find out the Senator has won the Presidential election and her first act will be an executive order to end the Purge, we hear a news broadcast talking about riots going on around the country in protest of Senator Roan becoming President and ending Purge night.


The Purge: Election Year (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time the NFFA comes across as NAZIs.

Take a Drink: every time a jump scare gets you.

Do a Shot: every time Joe makes a joke (Double Shot: when it’s a race joke.)

Do a Shot: whenever you think Leo should lighten up.

Finish you Drink: for the “final chapter” in the Purge Saga (I don’t think this will be the end, but we’ll see.)

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