With The King Of The Nerds At New York Comic Con


It’s been called television’s geekiest competition but we prefer to call it television’s nerdiest competition. While at New York Comic Con, Movieboozer was on hand during a roundtable discussion with the real kings of the nerds Robert Carradine and Curtis Armstrong, the host of TBS’s King of the Nerds. Season 3 premieres on TBS this January with a brand new cast of nerds and competitions with a new king or queen to be crowned. We also had the chance to talk to Season 2 winer Kayla LaFrance and Season 2 contestant Xander Jeanneret, who shared with us plenty of inside nerdy info on the behind scenes going on during filming. And, watch Robert Carradine give his famous Revenge of the Nerds laugh!

King Of the Nerds Cast 2

Curtis Armstrong

Curtis Armstrong 11

Robert Carradine

Robert Carradine 5

Kayla LaFrance & Xander Jeanneret

King Of the Nerds Winners 3


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