Love, Simon (2018) Movie Review

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Simon Spier is a normal high school senior, except with one major secret, he’s gay. Simon has known for a few years but hasn’t wanted to come out to anyone. One day on a website where students at their high school can connect a kid going by the moniker Blue says he’s gay. So Simon emails Blue as Jacques and they begin to talk about being closeted gay in high school. Eventually Simon’s secret leads him to lie to all of his friends and family and he then has to face his true self and come to terms with being happy as who he is.

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Love, Simon is a great film for any kid going through the same struggle as Simon. The film feels very honest which makes the feel extremely relatable. Not only for anyone struggling with their sexuality but anyone struggling with any secret in their life. This film could be an inspirational one for high school and college kids to become who they are and not hide their true identities.

The acting is very good throughout the entire cast; this film is full of great young actors. This could’ve been a very cheesy film but the actors do a great job to prevent it from falling into cheesy territory. The bright star in this film is Natasha Rothwell as the drama teacher Ms. Albright. Every scene she’s in is hilarious and this film could’ve used much more of Natasha.

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I felt like the writing left something to be desired. The actors do a good job, but some of the characters needed to be more fleshed out. Mainly Simon’s parents Jennifer Garner and Josh Duhamel, they aren’t given any screentime, so when the time comes for both of them to have their moment with Simon to tell him they’re ok with him being gay and will always love him the moment doesn’t feel heartfelt. I didn’t feel anything, not like Timothee Chalamet and Michael Stuhlbarg’s scene near the end of Call Me By Your Name. Both of their characters felt so real, probably because they’re superior actors, but they don’t feel like they’re acting. You feel like you’re watching a real Father accepting his Son’s sexuality and telling him not to shut down his feelings so he doesn’t lose all of his emotions. Sorry Love, Simon but this has been done better.

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I also had a big problem with the ending so (SPOILER ALERT!) Blue shuts Simon out when Simon is outed when the emails are shared on the website with Simon being called out. So Simon tells Blue he’ll be waiting at the Ferris Wheel for him at the carnival. Well, Blue shows and they share a beautiful kiss on the Ferris Wheel. Blue would not show up in front of the whole school after being scared of being revealed just weeks earlier. I feel like a more realistic ending would be Blue revealing his identity in private to Simon. Like at his house after the carnival. (SPOILER OVER!) For high schoolers it didn’t feel like realistic behavior and took me out of the film.


Love, Simon is a great film to watch with your high school child and maybe it’ll help them open up to you or help them become more confident. It has its flaws, but it’s definitely worth a watch.

Love, Simon (2018) Movie Review

Do a Shot: for every email sent back and forth.

Take a Drink: for every awkward moment.

Take a Drink: every time Simon comes out to someone.

Do a Shot: for every great song in the film…Looking at you Bleachers!

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