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Deanna (Melissa McCarthy) is abruptly asked for a divorce from her husband Dan (Matt Walsh), after which she decides to go back and finish her college degree in Archaeology. She enrolls in her old almost alma mater where her daughter Maddie Molly Gordon) now is starting her Senior year. What kind of hijinks will ensue? It’s only a matter of before chaos ensues with McCarthy at the helm.

A Toast

McCarthy does the best she can, but it still isn’t enough. But her comedic talents are prevalent here. The real life of the party is Maya Rudolf; all of her scenes were hilarious and she was woefully underutilized. I also liked how Maya and her husband’s marriage was portrayed. There was actually respect and it seemed like they not only loved each other but enjoyed each other’s company, which could’ve easily been the typical “he’s an idiot and she hates him”.

Beer Two

Now, I’m not the biggest fan of Melissa McCarthy. I think she is the female Kevin James, except McCarthy actually has talent and is funny. However, there are a lot of scenes that go way too long. It’s like worrying that your chicken is going to be undercooked so you cook it till it’s black. It felt like they were worried the film was too short so they went back to jokes and kept them going for 5 minutes. It was too long and really killed any hope for humor.

The face of zero talent.

Beer Three

There were a lot of jokes that didn’t go anywhere. They’d hint that Matt is a pussy yet nothing came from it; you’d think that storyline would go somewhere, but it never did. Same for Maddie’s sorority sisters, they would allude that they were all stupid. Usually one stupid character suffices and provides some great humor for the story.  Trying to do it for all of them left a lot of character development on the cutting room floor.

Beer Four

There were two women who were supposed to be the “bullies” of the film, but it was too forced. I had several classes in college with older students and no one ever teased or bullied them. Instead of their interactions with Deanna being funny it felt childish, stupid, and unrealistic.

Beer Five

The film was flat, most of the jokes don’t land, and it felt like they were just trying to check all of the boxes off: she gets high, she has sex with a younger man, she gets drunk, it’s McCarthy, so she has to fall down or get hit with something. Even though this seemed like a new idea, I couldn’t help but feel like I’d seen this one before. It seriously needed more Rudolf.


Inside this movie there was a funny concept and a better movie. Unfortunately, this wasted the talents of Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolf, and everyone else involved. You can skip this one.

Life of the Party (2018) Drinking Game

Do a Shot: every time they drink.

Take a Drink: whenever a joke runs long.

Do a Shot: every time McCarthy falls down, gets knocked down, or hit.

Do a Shot: every time someone say something stupid.

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