The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) Movie Review

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Yorgos Lanthimos follows up his Oscar nominated film The Lobster with this Horror Drama. It’s equally unique and much darker. Dr. Steven Murphy (Collin Farrell) is a Cardiologist and has a loving family with his wife Anna (Nicole Kidman), their daughter Kim (Raffey Cassidy), and their son Bob (Sunny Suljic). Dr. Murphy has taken a liking to a teenage boy Martin (Barry Keoghan). One day Dr. Murphy is forced to make a horrific decision; he must make a sacrifice on who to kill between his wife, daughter, or son. Soon we found out why Martin is forcing Dr. Murphy to make this decision.

A Toast

Lanthimos is currently one of the most exciting screenwriter/directors out there. His ability to fully craft such unique ideas is a pleasure to watch. Lanthimos’ writing style is very distinct, it’s like Wes Anderson’s style. Everyone speaks very matter-of-factly, and it helps sculpt his universe. So, instead of seeing the 8th installment of the biggest franchise, we get to see a completely new vision, even if it is a dark and twisted vision. I cannot wait to see what Lanthimos does next, hopefully with Farrell and Kidman in tow.

The acting is brilliant, with a stellar performance delivered by Colin Farrell- again he gives a reserved performance and it’s nonetheless great. The standout is Nicole Kidman; watching her give serious pros and cons on killing their son over their daughter is unsettling and it looks completely natural, which makes it even more unnerving. I won’t be shocked if Kidman has an Oscar nomination coming her way, whether if it is for The Killing of a Sacred Deer or The Beguiled; both are brilliant performances. Barry Keoghan is frightening as Martin, it’s a complete 180 from his turn in Dunkirk, and he nails the role. He’ll be an actor to keep on your radar for the future.

Beer Two

The Killing of a Sacred Deer is a slow build, most of which is spent learning who the characters are and how they play into the story. However, the pacing in this film is a little too slow. Once we find out what is happening to Dr. Murphy’s family I thought Lanthimos would ratchet up the tension; however, the film stays in the slow pace up until the very end. Also we never find out how Martin does what he does to the Murphy family. One scene hints at it, but it’s extremely vague.


Lanthimos delivers another unique film with brilliant performances. The pacing is much slower than The Lobster, however, the film is still great. It’s a very unsettling journey that you must prepare yourself for before you watch.

The Killing of a Sacred Deer (2017) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time there is an uncomfortable conversation.

Do a Shot: every time someone eats.

Do a Shot: every time someone is crawling on the floor.

Finish you Drink: for the 2nd to last scene; you’ll probably need it.

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