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By: Kyle Daley (Three Beers) –

Jessica Jones is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe streaming on Netflix.  Much like the show that came before it, Daredevil, it takes place in the Hells Kitchen neighborhood of New York City and focuses on a super powered individual that is trying to stop the mind controlling abilities of the sadistic and totally imbalanced Kilgrave (better known as the Purple Man to comic book readers).  However, this show has a bit of a twist, and I’m not talking about the fact that this is a Marvel licensed show or movie featuring a woman as the lead.  I’m talking about the fact that the show focuses more on detective work and plot twists instead of action scenes like its predecessors.  How does it fare you ask?  Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

A Toast

This is the first new thing to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) since the release of Ant-Man, Marvel’s second Netflix series, and further proof that the best villains are not in the movies.  Seriously, David Tennant is scary as all hell in the role of Kilgrave.  He’s a character that actually seems unbeatable.  He has the ability to control people’s minds, getting them to follow his every command without question, and he has no morals whatsoever.  This makes him dangerous, as there is nobody safe from his influence.  He is out to make sure our leading lady, Jessica Jones, has no easy time being alive.

Krysten Ritter absolutely nails this role.  She’s sarcastic, bitter, closed off from human contact, and just angry at the world because of her dark a troubled past.  She is on a vendetta against Kilgrave for the way he took control of her life, forcing her to do some less than moral deeds, shall we say.  Plus she drinks… a lot.

This show differs from its predecessor, Daredevil, as it tends to focus more on detective work rather than action (though the fight scenes you get are very well done).  The main mystery revolves around how Jessica must find a way to exonerate Kilgrave’s latest victim, a young girl named Hope, as she is facing life in prison because he forced her to commit murder.  It is a decent change of pace considering that everything else in Marvel has been all about the big explosions and cool gadgets.  Jessica has no choice but to rely on her wits and a bottle of whiskey, but she must get over her reluctance to let others help her.  Oh, and super strength. She can do the whole punch through a brick wall thing like Captain America, too.  Without giving too much away, she was involved in an accident involving chemicals in a similar manner to Daredevil.

"So you got powers from chemicals too?
“So you got powers from chemicals too?”
"Yeah, so? Wanna hug and cry all night about it?"
“Yeah, so? Wanna hug and cry all night about it?”
"No, I just..."
“No, I just…”
"STFU and pour me some whiskey, Murdoc."
“STFU and pour me some whiskey, Murdock.”

Finally, the show’s overall themes of relationships and control are abundant throughout.  Through the incredible use of flashbacks, you see some very dark imagery of manipulation, and not just the kind involving mind control.  Sex, drug addiction, child abuse, all methods used by certain people to get what they want from others.  It’s a dark, twisted look at the way the world works.  


Jessica Jones is an incredibly smart, dark, and riveting show.  Everything takes its time to build.  Although things might seem slow at first, it does not take long for things to pick up and the show begins to get really interesting.  The humor is black and on point.  Though it might not be as action-packed as some other shows in the MCU, it fits in very well.  Where Daredevil was more of an action show with elements of a detective show, this is the reverse.  I for one am looking forward to the moment Jessica Jones meets Daredevil for the first time.


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