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I’m Not Ashamed is the true story of the Columbine massacre and the story of one of the victims, Rachel Scott.  The film is told through her journal entries and from her Mother Beth. Rachel was a Christian and tried to live her life that way and help other people any way she could. Rachel was sadly the first victim of the massacre and the film follows Rachel in the year proceeding the event and up to the shooting.


A Toast

The film has a good and strong message about living your life for Christ and helping your fellow man, any way possible. The film shows what a tightrope walk being a teen Christian is like and the struggles, not just teens, but all Christians can go through. There are some truly heartfelt moments in this film, especially in the end when we see how many lives Rachel really touched.


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There was a whole lot of overacting here. I understand you want to get your message across and your budget may not be big enough to land a big star, but take a class or something. However, Masey McLain as Rachel Scott does pretty well here given what little direction and what a mundane script she had to work with. The worst offender is Sadie Robertson, who in her small part is awful; I don’t think any amount of classes can save her.


Speaking of overacting.

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The pacing is horrendous; this really could’ve been a made for TV movie and been around 90 minutes with commercials. There was a point where I looked at my watch, then looked again at what I believed was around 40 minutes later… but it had been 15 minutes. I struggled to stay awake. No worries, will the help of my large Coke with Lime I made it.


Me looking at my watch every 5 minutes.

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The writing also wasn’t good. When you don’t have the best actors you shouldn’t try to make a two-hour script and drag the film on and on and on and on. Plus, a lot of the dialogue just came off as cheesy. I’ve heard better dialogue on the Hallmark Channel, which is saying something.


Remember this disaster?

Beer Five

I know many people will disagree with me here and say they were and will always be monsters, but this film never attempts to humanize Eric and Dylan. These were troubled kids and they were constantly bullied and victimized until their mental strength gave in and they flipped. This film relegates them to a few scenes that shows them as pure murder-obsessed monsters. I didn’t agree with that portrayal.



I’m Not Ashamed definitely has an audience and that audience will probably ensure that it is profitable in the theaters. Though the film has a good message that it tries to convey, most moviegoers will not be forgiving on the quality of the film.  Overall, it’s slow and unmemorable, even with the true life story behind the film.


I’m Not Ashamed (2016) Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time you look at your watch.

Take a Drink: every time Eric and Dylan are shown holding guns

Do a Shot: every time Someone is annoyed by Rachel

Do a Shot: every time Rachel tries to help or reach out.

Pound a Few Beers before the Film: to help get you though some of the acting.

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