God’s Not Dead 2 (2016) Movie Review

By: Oberst Von Berauscht (Six Pack) –

God’s Not Dead 2 tells the story of Grace (Melissa Joan Hart), a public school history teacher who finds herself embattled when she answers a student’s question about Jesus during class. The student’s question simply asked about whether Jesus’ nonviolent protest advocacy was similar to that used by Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Gandhi. The school board suspends Grace and she soon finds herself in court defending her decision to reference Jesus in a High  School Classroom.

A Toast

The first God’s Not Dead film was characterized by a story inspired by the allegedly “true events” of an Atheist College Professor who challenged his Christian Student to a debate on God’s existence. The film argued that Atheists are secretly Theists who were angry at god for perceived slights, and punished its Atheist characters violently…

That’s a smitin’ – God

 Beer Two

In an effort to support their agenda, the filmmakers craft a fallacious argument about Religious discrimination in Public Schools.  The example of discrimination which is presented in God’s Not Dead 2 is inarguable, the character Grace is clearly being put through a terrible ordeal for a very innocent response to a Student’s question, one which has plenty of historical basis to support as well. By inventing a case in which the main character’s civil rights are clearly being violated, one is left wondering what kind of argument is being made.  The only answer I can find is that the filmmakers have a dangerously potent persecution complex.  To equate this fantastical scenario with real-life religious discrimination cases is naive at best, willfully ignorant at worst. No amount of distractingly smarmy antagonistic lawyer stereotypes can save the fatal flaws in your argument.

“I’m from the ACLU too, bwahahahahah!”

Beer Three

Melissa Joan Hart’s acting career plateaued somewhere in the mid 1990s.  As Grace, the only emotion she conveys is that of a person suffering from a series of stomach aches and bowel upsets.

“Anyone got Pepto?”
“Shouldn’t have had that Frozen Burrito”
“uh…. I’m gonna poop”
I pooped… so much….

Beer Four

As a rule, the depiction of a Trial in film is generally highly exaggerated, with all rules of basic courtroom procedure up for the chopping block if they get in the way of moving the narrative along.  God’s Not Dead 2 hovers around the category of Pure Fantasy in terms of Courtroom accuracy. One of the most notable moments, in which the Counsel for the defense goes off on a long, angry tirade against his own client (Grace) in an effort to prejudice the Plaintiff in the eyes of the jury, defying the Judge’s protests and contempt of court declarations with utter impunity.  Judge Ernie Hudson even says he wants to avoid a mistrial… which he is so clearly not equipped to prevent.

Winston Ernie Hudson Ghostbusters
You let me down, Ernie… you let us all down.

Beer Five

First they came for our Guns, now they’re coming for our God!  Dag-blame it Barbara, we can’ be lettin’ no sidewindin’ City Folks from the Peoples Republic of Jew York City take away our Bibles! Once you’re dun givin birth to yawl’s 15th Baby, lets git in th’ truck an go Pray faw their hellbound selves!

The above paragraph is exactly the kind of bald-faced stereotyping that the filmmakers behind God’s Not Dead 2 are doing to represent their antagonists.  Just like the original film, the bad guys in the film are highly exaggerated Left-Wing Atheists obsessed with forcing everyone to conform to their personal beliefs.  It is this kind of black and white thinking that serves only to further divide America.

Beer Six

Everyone’s “favorite” characters from the first God’s Not Dead movie return, including:

  • The Reverend Dave (David A.R. White) who finds himself thrown into the film as a juror, until a ruptured appendix takes him out of the trial
  • The Reverend Jude (Benjamin Onyango) who returns playing Reverend Dave’s “Bagger Vance”
  • The Chinese teenager who finds Jesus, who is disowned by his father, and begins contemplating pastorship.
  • Former Liberal turned Christian due to stage 4 cancer Woman; now in remission (pray that Cancer away!), and blogging about the Teacher.
  • Christian Rock band The Newsboys, who are… there for moral support?

None of these characters contribute to the main plot, and serve simply to ensure the movie reaches a 2+ hour running time, because if there’s one thing God loves, it is filler material.


God’s Not Dead 2 creates an argument that never existed, to establish a thesis that didn’t need to be made.

Six Pack

Read our writer Almond Black’s review of the original God’s Not Dead film.

God’s Not Dead 2 Drinking Game

Take a Drink: every time the movie references the Bible or you hear God or Jesus mentioned directly.

Take a Drink: whenever a Christian Rock song plays

Drink a Shot: for cameos by famous Christian and/or Conservative icons Double it for the Newsboys, who seem to be in God’s Not Dead 2 for no reason other than shameless self-promotion.

Take a Drink: when a character from the previous film appears to be doing something related to the story, but then isn’t.

Take a Drink: when God being dead or not dead is referenced

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